Splitting PDF Files

Different PDF tools have a different option for breaking or splitting PDF file into multiple pages. PDF file with many pages can be used as separate page PDF file.  PDF files can be converted into word, text and images as well. The splitting pdf format can be very much useful, In many cases, you don’t want to share whole PDF file and just a part or page of it. You can either take a snapshot of PDF or split PDF file into multiple pages. Some free PDF editors can help you cutting tools but if you are in a hurry you can also use online tools for it.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe’s Acrobat is no doubt best PDF tool, and you can easily split a PDF document into multiple pages. Just follow these steps:-

  1. Organize Pages > Split.
  2. Select file you want to split, you can also choose multiple files to break.
  3. Define output option to split file and name them.
  4. Press OK.

And you are done. Pages will be split and saved according to your configuration. But this method only works if you have a Professional subscription of Adobe Acrobat. Well, there is a way to do it with the help of Adobe reader as well. As you are known you can save HTML pages as PDF file; the simple method will be applied here.

Adobe Reader ( Or Similar Free versions Reader tools)

You don’t need to purchase professional version of Adobe Acrobat just for splitting PDF file. As you can do this with any free PDF reader along with Adobe Reader. If you are using any other reader tool then choose them as a printer in third option.

  • Open PDF file you want to split.
  • Go to Print
  • Select Adobe PDF as new printer
  • Define pages you want to extract and give name
  • Print pages and it will be obtained as a single PDF document.

Many occasional users rarely work with PDFs, so to help them lots of online web apps are providing free service for them. Web apps are good to use because they don’t need you to download setups and do installations etc. You can directly get your job done just from your browser without any hassle. In case if you hurry you can use an online tool to split pages, some web apps provide an option to split pdf along with some other great feature. One of the best collection of PDF tools can be found at IlovePDF and a few other standalone web apps.

I will recommend using PDF Aid, and I Love PDF. Both these are great web apps for PDFs.

Splitting page with I Love PDF: – Just navigate to above links and choose to “Select PDF File”. As you can see, I love PDF has an option to pick a file from Google Drive and Dropbox. After selecting PDF file, it will prompt you to select page range or extract all pages, once you are done with a setting click on “Split” button.i love pdf

PDF Aid is working similarly but supports bigger PDF files as well. PDF Aid’s layout is little annoying because of ads.screencapture-pdfaid-pdfsplitter-aspx-1472547484461

You can alway use tools of your choice. If you think we are missing any other great tool you can add them in comments.

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