Nowadays Instant Messengers are the most common way to contact someone. May it be Whatsapp, BBM, and lots of many other instant messenger apps, also may it be the Facebook Messenger. But what if you want to spy on someone?

You want to get the usage details of the person, at what time he/she is online, at what time she/he logs off, and many other important data that you might want to get your hands on. So here is a method by which you can spy any of your contacts on Whatsapp. By Spying here, I mean, you will be able to know at what times the contact is online, get a detailed data of his usage hours. Though it sounds creepy, but hey, no one will ever know you did spy on them, so why think too much?


Also if you want to receive a notification, whenever the contact comes online, that is also possible using this method.  We will be using an App called as WhatsDog, which will spy for you and fetch all the data that you need regarding the usage time, duration, and trend of the contact. It is more like a virtual spy, hence a true Whats Dog.

Steps to use WhatsDog:

Follow the steps below to use the WhatsDog app to spy on your WhatsApp contacts.

  • Download and install the WhatsDog app from the Play Store.
  •  Now the app will appear in the app drawer.
  • Now launch the app.
  • Enter the contact in the app, whom you are looking forward to spy.
  • You can enter the person to spy by entering their number, and then wait for the service activation.
  • And then after this step the WhatDog app will notify you whenever the contact you entered is Online.

So this is how to use the WhatsDog app to spy on your contacts. Now here are some of the features of WhatsDog app.

  1. Calendar: This feature helps you to track the Whatsapp activities of your desired contact on a particular desired day.
  2. Online – Offline: This feature will let you know the time frame when your selected contact has connected or disconnected.
  3. Chart: This feature of this spy app lets you monitor the whatsapp usage of your selected contact for the past 24 hours, 7 days or even 1 month.
  4. Settings: Not actually a feature, but under the settings of this app, you can customize many things such as, getting notifications, enable vibration and also change the contact number that you are trying to monitor or spy.

So this was a short post, by which you can spy anyone on Whatsapp, and get some really interesting data about the usage trends of the person on Whatsapp. And it’s free, so why not do it now? You can download it from the Play Store Directly from the link below.

Download from Google Play Store

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