How to Stop Being a Web Addict

What you do when your internet connection is gone?

no internet connection today

In which ever part of the world you live in, you will face this problem and when you face it you feel like you are punched right in your face, some forget that their computer a do lot of other things without internet and some addicts may think it as end of their world. Many people get desperate and may act madly. Researchers have found that Web addiction is similar to other addictions and it is hard to get away from it.

With the increase in internet users, internet addiction is also growing like wildfire. Just a casual glance at the recent stats of Facebook users will make us aware that there are more than 800 million Facebook users. And Facebook proudly boasts that at any given time half of Facebook users are logged in. And I say half of these active users are addicted to it.

According to my observations I have come to a conclusion that different people are addicted to different things on the web. Some users I have found to be addicted to some bad things while a major part is addicted to social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Orkut or some other Social Networking Sites. A good number is addicted to self- publishing like blogging and Social Media.

The remaining portion of users is addicted to various small genres of sites like hacking, illegal, pirate and warez downloading/uploading stuff.  This group usually include either the beginners who get fascinated by these illegal things or include extreme professionals. But the most addicted people are the ones who use Social Networking Sites. Which ever group you may be in   you are addicted and addiction is a bad thing.

How to get off from being an web addict?

 In fact this is a very big question to any addict. How to keep away from one’s addiction? Seems impossible but web addiction is same as other type of addiction. An alcoholic may get enrolled in a rehabilitation center or the doctor may recommend some medicine. To quit smoking you need dedication and strong will similarly to keep away from internet you need to have dedication and a strong will.

But some people may have a question “Why would any one want to stop using internet?” Yes there are some people who want to stop using internet because they are addicted to it. Here is a small list of why you should not be a web addict.

  1. Addiction to internet makes people unproductive.
  2. It is very tough for such people to concentrate on other things.
  3. The thinking and analytic power gets weak also it affects health.
  4. People get desperate when not connected to internet.
  5. Like all addictions web addiction too hurts relationships.

Now coming to the main part of this discussion about how to quit web addiction below is a small list of to do thing that will surely help you keep off from wasting your precious time in waste surfing.

Know your enemy.

 You need to write down what you want to achieve and why? Find out the main website where you are spending too much time. It can be a social networking site or you may be spending too much time watching videos on Youtube. If you are on a job and wasting time then it may hurt your productivity at work.

Imprison your enemy.

 I have personally seen a Government employee who was addicted to YouTube. And his superiors had warned him. But he was so addicted to music that he couldn’t work without it. But work ethics must be respected and he finally asked the System Administrator to block it. At first it was tough but later he was normal again. How he did it? Self Control and Strong will and by killing his enemy.

Find Alternatives.

 Many Doctors suggest this method to all the addicts. If you are a smoker then swap smoking with chewing gum. If you are an alcoholic then substitute it with other drinks which are soft or less harmful. But what to do if one is a web addict? It is not hard to find alternative. You can put up a habit of reading books, playing indoor/Outdoor sports or you can do some other productive things that you find.

Keep a track record.

 Keep a record of your track. Write everything you did and how you did. Note down your progress. I have read somewhere that obese people who wrote a diary entry on what they ate were more successful in loosing more weight than other people who did not do such an effort. So it is recommended to web addicts to keep a track of their progress. And this little journal or records can be used to boost of your will power!

 Be Proud and inspire others

 Once you get rid of your surfing habits try to be proud of yourself and be an example to other people similar to you because people learn more when they see an example. We have this kind of attitudes “If he can do then why the hell I can’t?” And this way you can inspire others.

So this was about “How to get rid of web addiction”. Many people may benefit from this article. And if I have left some other methods then do kindly add them in the comments section.

PS. I have written this article while my internet connection was cut off due to some technical problem. And during this time I was getting bored and I felt that I was getting addicted to Internet. So to prove myself that I was not an addict I did not use Internet for a fortnight and I was successful.

4 thoughts on “How to Stop Being a Web Addict

  • October 16, 2012 at 4:08 am

    you know your addicted when you think “internet” is two different words

  • June 19, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    Very nice post, Facebook is the real creativity killer, Countless hours of doing nothing is spent

  • April 29, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    I must agree with you Atish. Facebook really kills productivity.
    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • April 28, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Its really nice post Imran. These days every one is becoming web addict or in other words you can say Facebook addict. Sorry to say but Facebook degrades the productivity of a productive person. I liked the tips and will follow them to get my productivity back.


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