Apple came up with an official update to iOS 6.0.1. for iPhone 4 or iPod Touch. So if you have any of these devices see read How To Install iOS 6 Beta Developer Preview. Here we are going to discuss how you can apply a tethered jailbreak to your newly updated iOS device. However since it’s a tethered jailbreak I would suggest that you wait for someone to come up with a untethered jailbreak.Since a jailbroken iOS device offers many possibilities and at the same time voids the warranty of your device proceed with care. If you are unsure about tethered and untethered jailbreak read Semi Tethered Jailbreak Vs Untethered Jailbreak Vs Tethered Jailbreak

The just released iOS 6.0.1 can be easily Jailbroken using the Redsn0w. However this jailbreak is limited only to those devices that are susceptible to the Limera1n exploit (A4 or lower). So those of you running the latest gadgets other than  iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPad, iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA, and the Apple TV 2G will have to wait for another jailbreak.

The limera1n exploit is the bootrom exploit used to run unsigned code (and thereby jailbreak) the iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPad, iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA, and the Apple TV 2G. More info on Limera1n exploit.

How to tethered jailbreak  iOS 6.0.1 and  iOS 6.1 beta 1:

Step 1. Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 from the following:

Download forWindows

Download for Mac

Step 2.  Download and update your device to iOS 6.0.1. How To Install iOS 6 Beta Developer Preview.

Step 3. Now that you have the neccessary setup, Run Redsn0w.

iOS-6.0.1-pwned Redsn0w

Step 4.  Connect the iPhone and click on Extras.

Step 5. Click on Custom IPSW and find the iOS 6 file downloaded in step 2.
Step 6. Click on the iPSW.
iOS-6.0.1-pwned Redsn0w
Step 7.  After Redsn0w recognizes the file, click back.
Step 8. Click on Jailbreak
Ok so now your device running iOS6 is jailbroken.

How to boot Tethered .

iOS-6.0.1-pwned Redsn0w

Now enter your device into DFU mode and then Follow the on-screen instructions to jailbreak the iPhone 4 and install Cydia.

You will always need to reboot your device into tethered mode in order to run Cydia and other jailbreak related apps.If your device is restarted then you’ll need to connect your device to your PC or Mac and start Redsn0w. Then click Extras and Just Boot.

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