transfer-iphone-apps-another-iphoneSharing always helps to save time as well as money.iPhone is a very productive device and iPhone apps add to its productivity.But what will you do if you happen to buy a newer version of the iPhone or simply wanted to share an app with a friend.Sure you can buy your apps again from the app store but then it will cost you time and money both.Now you can save your time and money.

List of things you’ll need

  • Latest Version of iTunes
  • iPhone
  • Mac or PC
  • USB cable to connect iPhone to PC or Mac

Transfer Apps from iPhone to other iPhone

Well the process of transferring the apps is quite simple and actually we would be copying the apps from your iPhone to iTunes and then to the other iPhone.

STEP: 1 : Open the iTunes that is used to maintain the target iPhone device. (Make sure that you select the correct iTunes as it’s very important that iTunes used to maintain the target device is selected)

STEP: 2: Connect the iPhone that has the application you want to transfer into Mac or PC using its USB cable.

STEP:3 : Go to the store and authorize computer to use your iTunes account information


STEP:4 : Enter your iTunes username and password if you use them.Right-click the iPhone icon in iTunes and choose “Transfer Purchases.”The iTunes will open and all the apps that are not synced will be  transferred into your computer.

STEP:5 : Once the Transfer is complete you can remove your iPhone and connect the target iPhone with the Mac or PC to iTunes.

STEP:6 : Click on the apps under the libraries heading,to see the list of the apps that you recently transferred.


STEP:7 : Select the Apps you want to transfer to your new iPhone and drop them on the name of your target  iPhone, click on sync at the bottom and they will be transferred.

STEP:8: Congrats you have successfully transferred apps from one iPhone to another iPhone.

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