transfer contacts from iphone to android

Have you been using iPhone from a long time and now you have switched over to an Android smartphone? If your answer is yes, then the number one thing that worries you would be your contacts on your iPhone. This is the most important thing, if your iPhone contains all your contact numbers then you need to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device to carry on with your life and your business.

Previously, if you needed to transfer your contacts for iOS device to an Android device, it was easy as you would just have to sync your contacts through iTunes to your Gmail account which later can easily be added to your Android device. But that feature is no longer available so we can use another method to do this.

transfer contacts from iphone to android

There are 2 simple methods to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android – one is by using the iCloud service and the other one is by using an application.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android using iCloud

If you haven’t synced your contacts on your iPhone with your iCloud account then you need to do that first. To sync your contacts with iCloud, go to Settings >> iCloud and login. Then enable “Contacts” and all your contacts will be synced with your iCloud account.

All your contacts are now present in your iCloud account and now we can download it and add them to the Android device.

Step 1: Sign in to your iCloud account by entering your Apple ID and password. Click on the Contacts button and you will see all your contacts. Select all the contacts that you want to transfer to your Android device.

Step 2: Once you have selected the contacts, click on the Settings button on the bottom left then select the “Export vCard” option. This will download a VCF file on your computer that contains all your contacts.

Step 3: Now go to Google Contacts and on the bottom of the left side, you will see an Import Contacts option. (Make sure to use the same Gmail ID that you use on your Android device)

Click on the “Import Contacts” option and an alert box will pop up on your computer screen. Now choose the VCF file that you just downloaded and then click on Import button and all your contacts will now be uploaded and synced to your Android device.

Using My Contacts Backup App:

Another simple method is to download the My Contacts Backup app on your iPhone and then backing up all your contacts with the app into a VCF file. You can then email this backup to your email account.

Next, you need to login to your email account in your Android device and open the email and download the attachment and all your contacts will be transferred.

These were the 2 best ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device. If you face any difficulties then make sure to drop a comment below.

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