Wifi transfer interface of uploading files to android

To transfer any file whether it’s of  videos, songs or photos to our Android smart phone from computer. We need to connect it to our computer system via Bluetooth or via USB cable. Out of which transferring of data over Bluetooth is very slow about 40-80 KBps and USB cable speed varies from which version of USB phone is equipped. If your phone is equipped with USB 4.0 you would get a whopping speed around 10-12 MBps which is mostly found in very expensive flagship smartphones. And the one which most of the android smartphones are equipped with is USB 2.0 which has speed of 450KBps – 3 MBps. But here’s an another way through you can transfer files to your Android smart phone over WiFi. As, we all know that WiFi is capable of transferring data at certain high-speed and the same thing we are going to apply to transfer files from android to computer or computer to android.

So, lets start with the tutorial to transfer files over WiFi

First of all you need to download “WiFi file transfer”   from Google Play . But in this you are limited to upload file size of 4MB to your Android from computer. However this limitation can be overcome by buying “WiFi file transfer pro”  from Google Play

Note: To transfer files over wi-fi your computer and android smart phone should be over the same WiFi network. But it’s not necessary that WiFi signal should carry Internet signal too just a WiFi connection is enough to transfer file.

Goto the interface of “WiFi file transfer Pro” in your mobile and click on the start button after it gets connected over the WiFi you will get a link which you have to open in your computer. The thing that this app does is that it converts your Android mobile in to a server which can be access over WiFI

Mobile Wifi file transfer pro interface Link start button            Mobile Wifi file transfer pro interface Link

Enter the link in the address bar of your web browser as in my case it was and as soon as you strike the “Enter” . The complete interface of WiFi file transfer will on your browser which includes all your SD Card files,Folder and  Devices Status which have your Android mobile Model Number , Space available, battery and WiFi ISSD name.

Wifi file transfer pro interface

To transfer files from your computer to Android, you need to first go to the desire directory in which you want to transfer files then click on the Select files which is on the right of the page and then a pop-up window will appear in which you have to browse and select the files which you want to upload in your android device

Wifi transfer interfaceBattery and speed of transferring

After the files are added into the upload menu click on “Start Upload”  and then you can see the file been transferring into the phone with an amazing speed of 4.3 MB/s

To transfer files from Android device to your Computer

Just click on the file which you want to save in your computer from your mobile.

Some additional feature that WiFi file transfer pro comes with are that you can view your SD card Photos and Music directly from your web browser.

Media interface of gallery of wifi file transfer

So, Guys you see how easily you can transfer file from your computer to android over WiFi at a great speed. If you are having any problem in using “WiFi file transfer pro”  leave a comment below.