Keyboard Translator Pro

When it comes to translating apps, there are hundreds of apps out there that work on iOS devices but very few of them actually are made to integrate with other apps on iOS. Most apps require you to open them, type in the text and then copy the translated text and paste it somewhere else. But some apps dont require you to do that. They integrate with the iOS keyboard and allow you to type in the translated text anywhere without the need of copying it. One such app is the Keyboard Translator Pro and today, we’re gonna show you how to translate text into another language using the Keyboard Translator Pro. Just follow these simple steps:

Keyboard Translator Pro
Keyboard Translator Pro

Step 1

Download and install the Keyboard Translator Pro from iTunes for $1.99 here. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. The app comes with about 30 languages and you can install about 80 more. Be sure to check the “Allow full access” option when the device asks for permission. Also not that this is a third-party keyboard, so you’ll need to allow the permission.

Step 2

After successfully installing the app, open the app that uses a keyboard and the one in which you want to type in the translated language. Once the app is open, click on the text field so that the stock keyboard pops up and then click on the globe icon on the bottom left corner and hold it. You will then see a menu pop up with a slider. Slide the slider over to Keyboard Translator Pro.

Step 3

Once done with Step 2, you now have to choose the desired language. This can be done by clicking on the colorful circle icon right next to the space bar on the left and by doing so, you’ll be taken to menu to choose the writing language and the language you want the text translated into. English is the default writing language and you can choose the other language from a list of 81 languages. Tapping the Settings button will take you back to the previous menu.

Step 4

Then click on Done which will take you back to the keyboard with the Keyboard Translator Pro now having taken the place of the default keyboard. Click on the text space to start typing. Once done with typing the text, simply click on the translate button at the bottom of the keyboard on the right. Once you click on this, the translated text will be entered into the text area. For messaging apps, you then just have to click on the send button and the message will be sent in the translated language.

Keyboard Translator Pro
Over 80 Languages Supported

So this was one of the best methods to translate the text on your iOS device using the Keyboard Translator Pro app. Facing any problems with the above method? Leave your views and suggestions in the comments below and stay tuned for more tutorials and interesting tricks and tips for your Android and iOS devices.

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