Facebook group chat

As all of you might be knowing that Facebook is changing a lot now a days. The new feature they have added is “Group”.

Facebook group chat

I can bet you will be a member of at least one group. Facebook have added Group Chat option in groups so, you can have a group chat with all the members of the group at a time. But sometime there are many conversations in which you are not included and get irritated with Notifications. You have to leave that group which is important to you just because you get so many notifications.

The group chat feature is good, but sometimes it’s just a pain. Also, not every group you’re in, have people you want to talk to. Some groups are just ridiculous and people talk about nothing but rubbish there. Anyway, I have a solution for you from which you can easily turn off chat for Facebook Group.

  1. Open the Facebook Group in which you want to turn off chat.
  2. Click on Edit Settings button which you can find on Upper Right Hand Side of the page.
  3. A dialog box will appear in which you will see some options.
  4. The last option will be “Send me group chat messages” Uncheck that box.
  5. Save the setting, after that you will not be included in Group Chat and will not get irritated.

2 thoughts on “How to Turn Off Chat for Facebook Group

  • October 28, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Current face book chat is already annoying and this group chat makes it even more annoying.


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