unlock bootloader in motorola phones

unlock bootloader in motorola phones

The most common question popping up now-a-days is regarding the installation of custom ROM and how to unlock Bootloader? Well, this question is being searched today because of the launch of Motorola devices which includes Moto E, Moto G and Moto X. All three devices are ruling in their own price segments right now and Flipkart has faced record breaking sales of mobile devices with these Motorola phones.

Well, this feature is not swinging along with Samsung, HTC or Sony devices but they may bring it in future. Motorola has entailed a stock Android experience in their devices in addition to a bootloader lock.

In this guide we are going to learn how we can unlock the bootloader of Motorola devices for installing custom OS and many other development tasks. The few things I want to bring into your attention before beginning are, Your data will be wiped once the unlocking process is completed, device can be bricked if you commit any mistake in the process, software damage or black screen may prevail on your device forever. So if your device faces any issues, we will try our best to solve them but then, we don’t take any guarantee of it.


  1. Phone should be charged upto 80%.
  2. USB debugging must be ON.
  3. Motorola’s drivers must be installed properly.
  4. Android SDK should be present on your computer.


  1. Lets begin with the process by first enabling the debugging mode on device. This can only be performed with Developer Options in settings.You might not see them in your settings menu because we need to enable it. Go to settings > About device > Build Number. Tap the Build Number several times until it says ‘You are a developer now’.
    how to be a develoepr
  2. Now go back to the developer options that you had enabled prior and open them. Then follow the steps mentioned in the below image to entitle the debugging mode.
  3. Now comes the difficult part, its not difficult actually but a little entangled for newbies, if you perform it once properly then you can easily do it again and again. Just type ‘cmd’ in search box of windows program and open the command prompt. A black screen window will show up. What you actually have to do is to change the folder to Platform Tools in the Android SDK. Normally the path looks like this ‘C:/Android SDK/adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030/sdk/platform-tools/‘ but check it once to be sure.To change the folder you just have to copy the above path (or the one you just found on your computer) and put ‘cd’ in front of it, so the whole command would look like this:
    cd C:/Android SDK/adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030/sdk/platform-tools/
    cmd prmpt
  4. Now, copy and execute the commands given to successfully complete the process.adb devices

    Hit ‘Enter’, and you should see the following:
    List of devices attached
    TA8900F923 device

    The code will differ for different devices, so just make sure that something along these lines appears in the list of devices.

    Next, type in:
    adb reboot bootloader

    This will make the phone reboot in bootloader mode. You’d need to wait for a short while to see the bootloader menu.

    Next, type the following in the terminal:
    fastboot oem get_unlock_data

    This will return you a unique string of code spread across five lines. It should look something like this:
    (bootloader) 3A95720615784488#5441383833304C
    (bootloader) 47325600585431303332000000#361D
    (bootloader) 7293361E178D7D591294131B57789CA
    (bootloader) 86EC4#C39412020F000000000000000
    (bootloader) 0000000
    OKAY [ 0.164s]
    finished. total time: 0.164s
    boot for moto g
  5. Now you have to copy all the codes in one single line that are shown after bootloader.
  6. Go to Motorola’s website and look for ‘Can my device be unlocked’ and then copy the code in that box without any space. After this you will find a green button which shows that process went very well.
  7. You will receive an email from Motorola with a long 20 words text, now go back to terminal and type
    fastboot devices (This will show if your device is listed or not).
  8. Now type fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY and replace Unique Key with your 20 words key (received from Motorola). 
  9. Greets your device,unlocked and its warranty is also voided now.
    moto g bootloader unlocked


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