Twitter addons for firefox and chrome

Twitter addons for firefox and chrome

Twitter a 140 characters social networking is gaining its popularity day by day and recently I heard that twitter is receiving 110 M tweets every day. So to make tweeting much more easy now I want you to know about a add-on to browsers like chrome and Mozilla Firefox which makes your tweeting job easy and you can tweet directly from address bar of Chrome, Firefox and Mobile browsers.

Twitter Bar For Chrome:

After installing it an icon appears beside the address bar upon clicking on it a pop-up with a bar in it appears with the default text as the title of the current page and its link if you are planning to tweet the same just click enter and your job is over or else edit the tweet and tweet your own text. You can also post by typing “–post” at the end of your tweet.

You can download and install the twitter bar extension from this link

Twitter Bar For Firefox:

You can even have this twitter bar for Mozilla Firefox also. You can download it from Mozilla add-on store here. And in the same way as mentioned for chrome you can tweet by adding –post at the end of the tweet or press enter.

In Firefox from version 2.9 you can even tweet from multiple accounts. To post to a specific account, just type –@account_name at the end of your tweet (but before typing –post). e.g., “Tweeting from my personal account. –@HtNaMuS –post”.

Twitter Bar for Mobile:

You can even have this for your mobile .You just need to Scan this QR code to install directly to your phone. (You’ll need a QR reader. Search your phone’s marketplace if don’t have one.)

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