Update Windows Phone to 8.1

Recently, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1 update for all Windows Phone device running on WP 8 version for free. After, almost more than a year Windows Phone are going to receive a major update to Windows Phone 8.1.

The expected release date for Windows Phone 8.1 update is June 23, 2014 but Microsoft’s developer community have already got the access to download and play with Windows Phone 8.1 new features. Today we are going to show you how to update your Windows Phone to 8.1, to download and install Windows Phone 8.1 update you don’t have to be a developer. Catch us after the jump!

Update Windows Phone to 8.1

Disclaimer: Before updating Windows Phone to 8.1, we at TGD strongly recommend to backup all essential data. In case, something goes wrong we are not to be held responsible in any case.

Steps to Update Windows Phone to 8.1

  • Head over to Window Phone App Studio Site for free sign up here, incase you have not yet registered as Windows Phone developer.
  • Now, click on “Start a New Project” button, this will help to create a simple web based application. It’s a free application developer tool, you need to sign in with your Microsoft Live ID, it can be outlook or hotmail account.Update Windows Phone to 8.1
  • Once done signing up into project dashboard, go to Windows Phone Store from your Windows Phone.Update Windows Phone to 8.1
  • Now, download “Preview for Developer” app, it’s available for free and will be used to access those early preview versions of application that are designed for Windows Phone.Update Windows Phone to 8.1
  • After, Preview for Developer application is installed, go ahead and enter your Microsoft live ID once again. This time it will allow access to your device to download early build of Windows Phone 8.1.Update Windows Phone to 8.1
  • Head over to Windows Phone settings menu and click on “Phone update”, now your device will start downloading and installing Windows Phone 8.1 update automatically.
  • All done! Now, wait until the update process is completed.

Features in Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 have many new features to offer few of them are Action Centre, Cortona digital assistant, Quit Hours, Start Screen, Word Flow Keyboards, Date Sense, Internet Explorer 11, ability to use images as live tiles background, Swype-style & Core apps. Few of them that are worth to be noted in Windows Phone 8.1 update are:

Action Centre: It is a long awaited features on Windows Phone, Action Centre will offer notification support such as emails, text messages, calls history and application uses.Update Windows Phone to 8.1

Cortona: Just like Siri in Apple iPhone and Google Now in Android device, it is a voice based assistant tool. Cortona will help user to make calls, send text messages, set alarms, find pizza nearest to you and many more.

Update Windows Phone to 8.1

Start Screen: Windows Phone 8.1 update allow user to set their favorite picture as background wallpaper and can make it transparent, a third column of tiles on the home screen regardless of phone screen size.

Update Windows Phone to 8.1

Swipe-Style: This feature will help user to type faster using the keyboard once you master how to use it.Update Windows Phone to 8.1

There are many features that you will come to know, once you start using Windows Phone 8.1. Do give it a try if you have a Windows Phone device running on Windows Phone 8 and share your experience with us in your comments below.

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