Microsoft recently launched a new Email service, killing the years old Hotmail. Hotmail isn’t dead yet, but we can expect that to happen soon. Outlook.com not only is a new name, but a new look. Microsoft gave it a metro style look like Windows 8, Windows Phone, and other products. The software giant is simply branding its services with the beautiful metro look. But what’s so special about Outlook.com?

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Well, it’s a normal email service, you can send mails, receive mails, chat with friends, and almost anything other leading email providers can. Though, it is integrated with social networking services like Facebook, Twitter and also Skype. Apparently, it’s the first email service with such integration.



Why should you upgrade to Outlook.com from Hotmail? There are not many reasons, but you might want to take a look at the new metro style UI. The best part is, if you don’t want to completely change your email from Hotmail to Outlook (completely means, your email address and everything else), you can choose to just change the user-interface. In that way, nothing will change except the way you use your email account. So if you’ve made your decision, you need to login to your existing Hotmail account to proceed further.

Step 1.

When you login to your Hotmail account, there is a menu with label “options” at the top-right corner – click it. Select “Upgrade to Outlook.com” from the list. This will just change the user-interface of your account, nothing else will change. People will still be able to send mails to emailaddress@hotmail.com and you’ll still be able to send from the same. If the interface is all you want to change, you’re done. But, if you want to change your email address too, from emailaddress@hotmail.com to emailaddress@outlook.com follow all the steps.

By the way, even after you follow all these steps, your current hotmail ID will not be changed or terminated. So, I’d recommend to do it – there’s no harm. The advantage is, you’ll be reserving a unique username on Outlook.com.

Step 2.

After switching to the metro UI, at the top-right corner you’ll see a gear-icon. Click on it, and select “More mail settings” from the menu. It will take you straight to a list of settings, your email account settings to be precise.

Under the head “Managing your account”, select the option which says “Create a Outlook alias”. Proceed to next step.

Step 3.

You will then move to the screen shown above. In the text field enter your desired email address. Make sure in the next drop-down menu, “outlook.com” is selected. If you’ve selected something else from that menu, you will simply not get any @outlook.com email address. Click “create an alias” and move on.

Step 4.

On the next page, you will see something which will help you manage your mailbox. Suppose, you created an alias alias@outlook.com now, if you want mails sent to this alias to show in a separate folder, input the name of the folder and click done. If you want them to appear in your inbox or any other existing folder, choose it from the second option and click done.

Now, every time someone will send an email to that alias, you will be able to see it and best of all, you can reply from that alias as if it’s your email address. So, Now you can tell your contacts to update their contacts book and alter your details.

Some people may recommend you to rename your existing email address, but I will not recommend that ever. When you can get exactly everything you want without that, why should you rename it? Nonetheless, choice is yours.

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