[How To] Upgrade Windows Phone Tango Without Unlocking it


Few days back, Microsoft announced the next generation windows phone OS named as Windows phone 8 which will available not sooner than late this year. For now, all windows phone 7 device will get software upgrade to the version 7.8 which will arrive later than Apollo.

However, Microsoft has rolled out the Windows Phone “Tango” update for wp7 devices. The update is not bigger in compare to the current Mango version and upcoming 7.8 version, but brings lots improvement in performance. Tango update also brings the internet tethering option for those users using Lumia devices.

Microsoft WP7 Tango Update

Officially Microsoft only started Tango update for Nokia devices however there are some methods to get this update for all other WP7 devices having Mango OS. The method we use here can also be useful for those Lumia users who are still on hold to get update via Zune.

Disclaimer: This guide is just for informational purpose. TheGeekDaily.com does not hold any responsibility in case your device gets bricked. However, it is unfavorable condition but try this in your own risk.

Microsoft always tries to fix all exploit in WP7 updates as similar what Apple do in iOS update, so this will prevents the installation of Homebrews and unofficial unlocks. Tango updates also change your unofficial unlock state to lock ed state, however you won’t lose the developers update. If your device get locked, then there is wa way to retain your unlock state even after Tango upgrade.


  • Your device must have the firmware version 8112 to use this method, 8107 version firmware does not work here.
  • You must have language pack install in your device which can be done by going to the Settings menu and navigation to Display Language in the Region + Language section.
  • Required files: Windows Phone update tools | Tango Firmware | relockPrevent.xap


  • Download all required file from above link, and extract Windows Phone update tools to new folder.
  • Download all the language packs that are already install on your windows phone. You will get the link of language pack from Windows Phone update tools package.
  • Extract all the downloaded language pack to the previous folder where you extract update tools.
  • Download the Tango firmware from above link and place the .CAB file to the same folder where we extract all others.
  • Take your wp7 smartphone to Airplane mode and also switch off the internet connection from the system.
  • Connect your wp7 device via USB to your computer and run the .BAT file from update tools.

  • While running the tools, press “S” button to detect your phone by Zune, Close Zune to run further process.
  • Now the update .BAT file will do rest for you. Just take some coffee and relax back, during update your device reboots several time. After completion your device will run on Windows Phone Tango update.
  • Now deploy the Tango updated device using the file name as relockPrevent.xap.

The step 10 deals with retaining unlock for your device so if you are not using developer unlocked device, then ignore this step. This is just unofficial method to get Tango in your wp7 device, you can wait for the official Zune update in case you are looking for some manufacturer-specific customizations.

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