How to Upload Pictures to Instagram without Mobile

Instagram, the most popular image-sharing website, allows users to upload square images only from mobile application. No matter whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, this was impossible to upload pictures to Instagram. It was also impossible to upload photos from official Instagram website.


Let’s assume, someone does not want to use mobile phone to upload pictures to Instagram. On the other hand, maybe, somebody uses PC more than mobile phone. At such moments, this is obviously a problem to use mobile phone frequently to upload a picture to Instagram or to connect with somebody at Instagram.

If you are suffering from the same kind of issues, you can check the following solutions. In this article, I am going to show your some tricks to upload pictures to Instagram without using any mobile. You can use Windows, Mac or Linux.


Gramblr is such a great way out that comes at free of cost. Gramblr is obtainable for Windows, Mac and Linux. You cannot download it for all Linux distro. But you can send them an email to know if your distro is capable to run it or not.

Gramblr User Interface, Upload Pictures to Instagram without Mobile

Gramblr is an easy to use software and it requires only your Instagram username and password to start uploading. Even if the start screen asks you to choose a .jpg image that is less than 500kb in memory and 650 x 650 pixels, I have uploaded two pictures with a resolution of 600 x 600 pixels and 700 x 700 pixels respectively. But the other two conditions need to be followed by you.

Anyway, just choose your picture by clicking Choose File and then click the Upload button. After that, add a caption for your image and upload it.

That’s all! You have done! It doesn’t take much time to upload any picture.


InstaPic is a great Instagram client available for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This software will let you browse entire Instagram profile as well as upload photos to Instagram. You can do various things including browsing photos and videos, uploading pictures, search and many more.

InstaPic, Upload Pictures to Instagram without Mobile

To upload image using Instapic, just install it in your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 PC and sign in to your Instagram account. After that, click the Upload button.

Therefore, you have to choose your desired picture to upload. You can also add some effects and caption in the image before uploading.


This is yet another most common method for them who want to upload pictures to Instagram from desktop. Bluestacks is an Android emulator and this is available for Windows and Mac.

Step 1: Simply download and set up Bluestacks.

Step 2: After setting up, search for Instagram and install Instagram inside Bluestacks.

Step 3: Now, sign in to your Instagram account and use Instagram just like mobile phone.

Bottom Line

However, all these three apps are free and you can use anyone of them, but if you need an easy setup, ignore Bluestacks. Bluestacks takes much time to be installed in your PC and sometime it creates various problems like lagging, hanging etc. Instead of that particular software, try either Gramblr or InstaPic.

Do you know any other method to upload pictures to Instagram from desktop? Do share it with us.

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