How to use Gmail for making Calls on an iPhone

Google Voice is a service from Google that lets you chat with your friends and family using the “Voice” software as a plugin embedded directly in Gmail. So, if you want to use this voice feature, you just need to login in to your Gmail account and start using this service but that’s not how it is going to be on an iPhone.


For using Google Voice on an iPhone you would need to download a free Gmail application available on Apple Store.

Google Voice Gmail Plugin

Gmail has an inbuilt Voice plugin that facilitates voice and video chat with your contacts on Google Mail. Alternatively, you can click on “Call Phones” button, enter a phone number and talk to that other person using Gmail application as your virtual phone.

As of June 2011, calls between IP address and cell phones of the same country is free whereas you would have to pay if you want to make international calls.

Pay for Calls via Dedicated Website

Google Voice also has a dedicated website that lets you configure settings of your Google Voice account. This website acts as an interface between you and your friends, it can not only make calls but also receive them.


Additionally, you can configure whether you friends can leave a voice message, the phone number which would appear on their cell phone when you are going to call them etc.

If you want to make international phone calls then you can also enter your billing information on Google Voice website. By the way, international phone calls are not free but they are cheaper that what your data carrier might charge. 

Google Voice for Mobile

Google Voice supports various mobile platforms including BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Palm OS, Nokia S60 and Windows phones. For certain mobile platforms like Android, BlackBerry and now iPhone, Google has developed a dedicated application that would enable their users to Google Voice from within a dedicated app.

People using other mobile platforms can use Google Voice by visiting [this] website from their mobile phone.

Tutorial to use Google Voice on iPhone

In order to download Google Voice application on your iPhone tap on the “App Store” icon and type “Google Voice.”

Once the app list is open, click “Install” button next to the app’s name, input your iTunes credentials and Apple’s Terms of Service.

Once the application is installed on your iPhone, you would see an icon in your phone’s background. Click on that icon, enter any phone number and hit the call button. That’s it.

You can also leave the application open, running in the background, waiting for somebody to call you. 

What do you think about this dedicated ‘Google Voice’ app for iPhone? Leave a comment down below with your reply and queries (if any).

4 thoughts on “How to use Gmail for making Calls on an iPhone

  • July 6, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong, only limited countries can use this?

    • July 7, 2011 at 8:09 pm

      yeah! currently google only has this service for US, it plans to expand in near future.

    • August 26, 2011 at 9:00 pm

      I came to know that Google has launched this service for India but it is not available yet, maybe they are working with Indian Telecom or something like that.


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