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Google Nexus 7 android tablet, special of its kind as it doesn’t support any call facility as HSPA or LTE data connectivity options are missing. As Nexus 7 is not like other tablets as we see in market like Samsung Galaxy Tab which supports making call facilities instead of that, Nexus 7 is a very basic android tablet which allows you to surf internet, play games, email your contacts, video chats on Skype/Gtalk. Supporting only Wi-Fi services, Nexus 7 users find it troublesome for making calls. Here is a solution, we will let you know a hack after which implementation you can use Google Voice now to Make / Receive Calls from Nexus 7.

Note that this hack only works on rooted Nexus 7 so do root it before you proceed with our hack guide. You’ll also be able to make free calls via Google Voice on Nexus 7 over Wi-Fi in US only.

Nexus 7

This hack is 100% full proof working with no hidden secrets, you’ll be able to make calls i.e. incoming and outgoing calls free of cost on your Nexus 7 on Wi-Fi all over US. Now before you proceed let us tell you something, the steps for this hack are bit complicated so you follow them carefully and can take around 15-20 minutes for a professional to do.

Warning :- 

You need a rooted Nexus 7 for this hack, so rooting will void your warranty. If any complications in your Nexus 7 arise due to below described steps, we shouldn’t be held responsible.

How to use Google Voice on Nexus 7 for making Calls  i.e. incoming and outgoing calls free of cost all over US ?

Suppositions :User having a rooted Nexus 7 and a Google Voice account.

Issues :- All calls will be made with another number provided by the service we will use. We can’t use our number to make calls.

Configuring Nexus 7 for receiving  incoming calls :- 

  • Process starts with setting up a VoIP account on and then an account on (to get a free incoming number) which will allow us to receive VoIP calls for free of cost. When you are adding host name on while making account, note server is “”. After making account, you will get an IPKall phone number as: 253-802-XXXX
  • Download and install a SIP app on your Nexus 7 i.e. CSipSimple from Google Play store. After installing app, set it up with the account, kindly use your “Username” as your number on
  • Now add the number got from IpKall on your Google Voice account (open Google voice account on your PC) under settings option as “Add a new number“. Number verification will be done and and your tablet will ring up.
Google Voice on Nexus 7
Set up for receiving  incoming calls on your Nexus 7 is enabled, lets work on making outgoing calls.
Configuring Nexus 7 for making outgoing calls :-
  • Download and install Voice+ (Google Voice callback) from Google Play store and connect it with your Google Voice account.
  • Download and install exDialer from Google Play store.
Nexus 7 Hack begins now…
  • Download ” framework-res editor” and extract it on your Nexus 7. Name folder as “place-framework-res-here
  • Using a file explorer, navigate to /system/framework there you’ll find “framework-res.apk”. Copy the “framework-res.apk” file and place it in folder  “place-framework-res-here”.
Nexus 7 hack
  • Now go to folder “place-framework-res-here” and tap on the app “run me” to recompile your framework-res.
  • Tap on folder “files-to-edit” and perform following operations “framework-res.apk>res>values>bools”.
  • Now we will edit the bools.xml file. Open the file and search a line “line false”. Change the value false assigned to “True” and save the file.
  • Now again app “run me” and recompile a fresh apk.
  • Now Choose option “3” to sign the apk.
  • Now choosing option “4” will create an file.
  • Copy and transfer this file to “/sdcard” directory of your Nexus 7 tablet.
  • As you have a rooted Nexus 7, reboot into CWM recovery and browse to ” install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard >”. Select option “Reboot” now.

As there are lots of awful steps above and still we are using a different number to make calls is somewhat annoying. We have a back up solution which can also be used to make calls from Nexus 7 but they won’t be free.

Alternative Solution to make calls via your phone number on Nexus 7 :-

  • Download and Install app “Tablet talk”.
  • This app allows you to make calls over Bluetooth, so no Wi-Fi needed as long as your phone is in Bluetooth range it works fine.
  • Number dialer and ring tones already set up.

Solution to make calls via your phone number on Nexus 7

Now your Nexus 7 is fully enabled to make calls i.e. incoming and outgoing calls free of cost using Google Voice. As above steps are bit complicated so if you face any issues, kindly let us know, we will get back to you shortly.

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