Pinterest is now the third largest social-network site on planet trailing behind Facebook and Twitter.It is a visual social bookmarking site where users share Images and Videos that they discover all around the web.You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes.

Pinterest could be highly Addictive and time killing. You may never feel like leaving it. Don’ believe us Try for yourself. Login at Pinterest, or continue reading to find out what more stuff you can discover in there.

How to Join Pinterest

Simply visit and select Join Pinterest.

signup or login pinterest

Pinterest Terminology 101

Every Social Network comes with its own Terminology whether be it Twitter or Facebook, and so is with Pinterest let us see what these terms mean and how to use these services to enhance our experience with this new visual bookmarking site.

What is a pin? Perhaps the first question  on your mind ever since you signed-up.A pin is an image added to Pinterest. You can either share an image on interenet using Pin it Button or you can upload an image from your computer.Pins that are shared using Pin it button link back to the site they originally belong.

This is a Pin

What is a board?

A collection of Pins is a board. You can create any number of boards you wish.there is no restriction of topics boards can be created on any topic.


How to create a new board?

To create a new board, click Add > Add a Board on the top toolbar on Pinterest. Type in a board title, choose a category, and then click Create when you are finished.

What is a Pinner?

A person who Pins is known as a Pinner.

What is a repin?

A repin is adding an image you find while browsing Pinterest to your own board.

How to Repin ?

Simply hover your mouse over a Pin and then click on Repin. (See Screenshot).


How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest already has a very good amount of traffic and thus is a very important source to promote your business online. Pinterest relies upon users creating Visual bookmarks and thus influence lifestyles and trends.

Add Pins and get links

Every Pin that you share via Pin It Button gives a link back to the source.These are no-follow links and cannot be used to directly impact SEO.These links play a crucial role as the users are now  more likely to encounter your links and visit it by a single click.

Pinterest encourages Social Sharing

Pinterest allows its users to login using their Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is good cause then users can easily share the content on these increasingly popular websites thus increasing the exposure to your content.

facebook pinterest

How to add the follow button to your website?

To add a Pinterest follow button to your website, go to our Goodies page. Select the style of button you want, then copy the code to embed on your website.

follow me

How to mention a pin to a Pinterest user?

To mention a user on a pin type the @ symbol followed by his/her username.It’s much like Facebook.

How to add/remove Pinterest from your Facebook Timeline?

Click your username at the top-right toolbar, then click Edit Profile, you can add/remove Pinterest to your Facebook Timeline by clicking the slider. ON will add your pins to your Facebook Timeline. OFFwill remove Pinterest from your Facebook Timeline.Click Save Profile.

Remember Pinterest is Image based

It’s quite important for users to understand that Pinterest is a image based Visual Bookmarking site. So what this means that only Articles and products with a good and Appealing image should be shared here to be book marked. Articles with just Text can be shared anywhere else.

Follow Etiquette

Pinterest has a set of guidelines that must be followed while posting a pin on it,like Be Respectful,Be Authentic,Credit Your Sources  etc for a complete list  visit

So what can you do with Pinterest

Well Pinterest is a very interesting place to be and you can do a lot of stuff there here is small list of things that you can do.

  • Invite Friends to Join you on Pinterest : No social network makes sense if you ain’t have Friends and Followers. To invite Friends to join Pinterest you can  do so by visiting the  Invite Friends option as shown in the screen shot.
  • On Pinterest you can share just about any image on internet that you see by using Pin it Button
  • The Pins can be organised into themed boards so that your pins are categorized.
  • There is no restriction to how many boards you can create.
  • You can repin other members pins on your own  boards.
  • Users have been using Pinterest as a source of inspiration,style, and much more.
  • You can use beautiful buttons to ask people to Follow you or your friends to join your network. Followmine to join me on Pinterest  
  • If you like a pin by someone else then you can Repin it,comment on it , Press Like to like it and show it under likes section of your profile.


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