There are many ways to use your phone in the car. Especially when it comes to use the phone as a music source. We present solutions that are suitable for your vehicle.

It may not always be the great solution:If you don’t have  the newest car or can you not have a current sound system including smartphone-compatible Multimedia Player upgrade to your vehicle, it is usually sufficient to already have a cable to at least the music player of your smartphone use in the car. However, with the simple options rarely a control option provided – in this case, the operator must continue to be done over the phone.

Smartphone Banned?

Often we read in this context, the use of smart phones and cell phones is prohibited in the car completely. That’s not true. The Highway Code is just the talk that you may not use the cell phone while driving unless it “to take or hold in your hand” must. Sits firmly anchored the smartphone in a suitable car holder , use the reverse is thus allowed.

Caution is still necessary: Who at Tempo 180 writes a long email acts negligently and breached its duty of care – which may mean the loss of insurance coverage. In this respect the following applies: With reason and vision to approach the matter.

Who uses his MP3 app and jumps forward a title makes in principle no different than the car radio set to another station – and is therefore likely to be on the safe side. Who does his office work as described in the left lane and therefore causes an accident should not be surprised if he is called to account. It is therefore crucial to ensure optimal integration of devices and treated carefully with its features.

App Mode

The best solution is a fully compatible car radio with App support . It uses the radio directly to the screen of your smartphone and makes it adapted to the big board monitor represents Depending on model, the operation of the apps on the touch screen of the car radio made.

app mods

A complete reflection of the surface, as some models allow a roundabout is, however not in terms of the inventor: The Apps should be specially adapted for operation while driving, for example, with extra large buttons or a reading service for news releases. Video clips have lost nothing on the monitor of the driver – even if only the passenger looks, is the distraction to the driver too big.


FM Transmitter

FM transmitter to send the sound from your phone via FM to your car radio can be used in order to play music.To do this, select a frequency to broadcast in the current environment is no ordinary FM program. Then manually turn on the radio to this frequency, you can hear the sound from the phone – but only in FM quality.

In a few smartphones already FM transmitters are integrated, others leave their tracks in the antenna line behind the radio or in the cigarette socket, where the smartphone can be docked via cable. Only drawback besides the sound quality: at the traffic lights can hear neighboring vehicles may .


Rare, but practical: new cars especially for the Audi brand come with its own wireless network , using the music streaming is also possible. For this purpose, on the smartphone must have a UPnP-compatible software can be started, which releases the media content with other network participants. As in the home network, the stored music, but also videos and photos along the way from the smartphone (the server) to the main system (the client) will be streamed. Here, the smartphone safely stay in the pocket, which is operated entirely via the on-board computer system – in the familiar look. There is no loss of quality.

iPod / USB


The classic iPod control or a USB port allow music playback – but no more. iPhone owners have it easy with a classic iPod control, however, are limited: Support The energy stored in the iPod app music can be searched directly on the car radio and play it for other apps or a web radio function, the radio must, however, a mode , in which the sound system sounds and other apps are transferred – what each manufacturer has a different name. With Android smartphones is the title sorting and searching mostly gone, the phone behaves like a USB flash drive and gives access to the file level freely. Some radios have at hand but also for the Google OS own sorting functions.


In any case, a major acquisition: the right bracket for in-car smartphone. Whether Bluetooth, cable or AppRadio: The smartphone should be within easy reach in its own holder sit, ideally in a perfectly matching and in a bracket that is specifically designed for the type of vehicle. Universal mounting brackets should the smartphone firmly and without vibrationscomprise. For there to use every now and again something and control. In the picture that isBury Charging Cradle shown, which can be controlled through corners customize for all smartphones.


The Classic Way: A simple phone cable goes out, in many cases, listen to music from your phone to the car radio. Here you only need a AUX in the car , which was intended for conventional MP3 players and is standard on many cars today. Who still has not: Many car radios from the factory have an unused port for an antiquated CD changer with a simple cable adapter can be converted to the AUX-in. Sonically, this is sufficient, the operation must be done over the phone.



Bluetooth: Bluetooth is not the same – but it works more often. Who holds a Bluetooth hands-free car has, can not automatically play music via Bluetooth – the statements of a navigation app will not normally be played through the audio system, because the telephone mute pulse missing.

For this you need the A2DP profile , which must support both car radio and phone. Bluetooth appears as a separate program in order to source the audio menu of the car radio. Also support both the profile AVRCP, even a simple control can be realized. Sitting pretty, who is a retrofitted with extra hands-free speaker has – here fold the navigation announcements.


Do you know any other way to listen music along with safe driving then comment here. We’d be glad to hear the solutions about “How to use the phone in car” from you.

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