[How to] Use TOR to Unblock Blocked Sites, with Screenshots

Internet Censorship, How to Unblock Blocked Sites

With various national and international committees and governments trying to censor the Internet users are  in continuous search of ways to bypass the web censorship and access blocked website. One such way is TOR browser, which is essentially a pack of software that is all that you will need to bypass the web censorship.

TOR is a free software which can be used for any form of network surveillance which in turn provides personal freedom and privacy. Since Tor is a free software a number of volunteers around the globe are available 24X7 to run a distributed network of relays. When you try to reach for a website through Tor, it routes the communication through one of the relays, situated where the same site has not been blocked. Thus if you were to use a single proxy there were chances that the same has been blocked but Tor is like  using a thousand proxies all at once.

How to Use Tor ?

Using Tor is quite simple just  download the Tor Browser Bundle from there website and follow this step by step tutorial to install it and get it working.

  1. Simply extract the tor and click on the Start Tor Browser.

    starting the Tor browser
    Start Screen of Tor, Vidalia Control Panel trying to establish connection with the relay network.
  2. Go to Settings -> Networkif you access Internet through a proxy.

    internet through a proxy.
    Settings to be changed if accessing Internet through a proxy.
  3. Now when the Tor has successfully connected to the relay network it will automatically launch a portable version of Firefox that you can use to access any blocked content available on the net. The Firefox is preloaded with a few useful extensions like No-Script and HTTPS everywhere to protect your identity.

How to use Tor with other Applications ?

If you are willing to use Tor to access Internet from an application like a browser or download client or maybe a torrent client simply  do following :

In the networks option head for proxy settings and then change the manual proxy config to SOCKS host and port to 9050 or match this setting with that running on portable Firefox launched by tor. By doing so now Tor can be configured to be used with any Application that can access Internet.

Firefox that comes with Tor has no flash plugin installed for it so you are unable to use flash all you can do is to change the proxy setting of the Firefox you installed and then use flash with tor.

How to set up a Tor relay to contribute to the Network ?

Just in case you are also willing to contribute to the wonderful network of Tor Relays  to show your support follow these instructions:

  • Click on Setup Relaying in the Vidalia Control Panel, and select the type of relay you want to contribute.

    Contribute to Tor relay
    Select the type of Tor relay you want to contribute
  • Select the Bandwidth that you may want to Tor to use.

    Contribute to Tor relay 2
    Select bandwidth allocation

Hope that this tutorial was enough to let you bypass any restriction but just in case you are still stuck with tor here is there Official Guide. 


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  • September 11, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    it dosent works

    in thailand, gov blocked sites are still blocked in that browser


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