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We all use WhatsApp chat messenger on our smartphones to stay in touch with our friends. It has become so much popular that it has completely replaced the conventional SMS from your devices. But with the latest update in the WhatsApp Messenger application, you can now use the app on your computer as well and without the help of any third-party applications.

We all knew that we can use Android applications on our computer using Android emulators like BlueStacks and YouWave but with this newly released WhatsApp Web version, you don’t need to install any such emulator on your computer.

However, to use the Web version, you will need the app installed on your smartphone because only then will you be able to login and sync your conversations.So if you don’t have an Android device and you want to use WhatsApp then you should use it with the help of an emulator.

How to Use WhatsApp on your Computer?

Before you use the application on your computer, you need to make sure of certain things like having Chrome browser installed on your computer because it works perfectly on it.

Next you need to make sure that the WhatsApp application on your Android device is updated, the latest version is 2.11.498 and is now available from Google Play Store. If it is updated, only then will you see the “WhatsApp Web” feature on the application.

This new feature is not yet available for iOS but if you own a smartphone running Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone OS then you can follow this method to use WhatsApp on your computer.

Now we can see the steps involved on how to use WhatsApp on your computer, so let’s get started with the steps.

1. Go to web.whatsapp.com and there you will see a QR code on the screen. You have to scan this QR code using your smartphone. Don’t use any app to do that as you can do it from WhatsApp itself.

whatsapp on your computer web version

2. Now on your Android smartphone, go to the “WhatsApp Web” feature and then you align your phone’s camera to the QR code on your computer screen to scan the code.

3. Once the code is scanned successfully, you will see your chat conversations on your computer screen. Now you will be able to chat with your friends and share images and videos with them directly from your computer.

whatsapp web version interface

You can also enable the desktop notifications from the Web version to know whenever you receive a new WhatsApp message.

Make sure that you use WiFi on your smartphone when you are performing the sync between the smartphone and the Web version or a lot of your mobile data will be used for it.

If you liked the post or you are facing any issues with the method to use WhatsApp on your computer, then do let us know by commenting below and we will help you out for sure!

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