How To Verify Email Scams and Protect Yourself From Email Scammers

Ever heard of email scammers, and how people end up exploited by them. You may get an email message from your credit card service provider to send in your credit card details along with your pin. Even though the email message looks quite legit, it may be still a scam. This is because of the fact that your credit card company doesn’t ask for such information, the maximum details they will ever ask is your name and account number, only if you are having some kind of problem with their services, just for verification.

There is also a major aspect about email services and their protocols that gives these email scammers an upper hand, or a way to fool people. The thing is that email protocols don’t verify email address. That is the email scammer can use any email address say “” to send you a mail. For these sole reason scammers, phishers and other malicious individuals exploit email systems.

For understanding the basic logic behind how these scammers, phishers, and malicious individuals exploit the email system. You should know how the email system works and how can you tell that a suspicious mail is authenticate or a forgery.

How the Email system works and how scammers and phishers exploit them

Your email service displays who sent you the email in the “From” field. However it doesn’t verify that the mail is actually sent from that “From” address. Each email service uses a form address to tell you that who has sent you this mail, but since it doesn’t verify it, email scammers and phishers uses it for sending you appealing emails like enter you credit details because you won a million dollar.

How to verify that any suspicious email is not a scam

Whenever you see a suspicious email. You can always check where the email has been sent from and its IP address including any personal information related to the senders IP address.

In YahooMail: Click on the email to view it. Now you’ll see a gear icon called as More Options.

how scammers and phishers exploit email services

Click on it and you’ll see the option View Full Header. Click on View Full Header to get a set of garbage code from which you can check and verify the authenticity of the email. This is not an easy way for most of the internet user.

how scammers and phishers exploit email services

So you select all and copy that full header code and go to IPTrackerOnline. Paste the code in the Email Header Analysis and click on Submit header analysis.

How Scammers And Phishers Exploit Your Email Address

All the details that can be extracted from the IP address of the sender will be provided as shown in the image. You can even view the geo location of the sender.

How Scammers And Phishers Exploit Your Email Address

In Gmail: In Gmail view the mail and click on the down arrow in the right corner. A drop down list will open choose show original to view the full header code. Select all the code and copy it. Paste it on IPTrackerOnline and do as mentioned for yahoo.

How Scammers And Phishers Exploit Your Email Address

Closing Words: Nowadays email services are trying to make their email protocols a little bit more secure, but there are a lot of paid anonymous email services which are way ahead of them. So all we can do is be smart and cautious.

3 thoughts on “How To Verify Email Scams and Protect Yourself From Email Scammers

  • August 22, 2012 at 8:43 am

    @Peter: It really would be helpful if I knew which email service are you using (I’m not the moderator so can’t see your email address). But if you use Gmail then you can use two-step verification. There a post here on thegeekdaily which will guide you:
    If you want to create a stronger password then try wolfram alpha password generator:
    Along with password phonetics are also provided so that you can easily remember passwords.
    Anyway tell me if any of these helped you or not.

  • August 22, 2012 at 7:18 am

    Hi Avi
    Thanks for this valuable information.
    Recently I received a few emails using my own email address which I did not send. So this morning, I followed your method and traced it to an original email address which is almost the same as mine except without the ‘dot sg’ behind and is from the country Uruguay.
    I would like to know the followings,
    1. How is he able to use my email address?
    2. Does this mean he has my login password?
    3. Ever since this happen I had already change my login password a few times and still he is able to send me emails using my own address. How can I solve this?
    Your advise please?
    Thanks very much!

    • September 6, 2012 at 4:27 am

      the technique he using is called email spoofing you can read more about it on Wikipedia : . there is lots of sites which provide these kind of service(fake email send).


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