How To Write Content For Your Blog Readers

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, how much experience you have and how big is your reputation; unless your blog has readable content. Content is definitely the king for a blog. Though you’ve done SEO for your blog, this is not going to show its effect until your blog starts posting quality content. Quality doesn’t just mean rich keyword, keyword density, usage of headings and all; first of all, it should by readable and attract few more readers. Through my personal experiences, I came to know that readable content is gonna benefit me rather than a SEO content. So, I’ll now tell you how to write readable content for your blog.


The Title

Title of your post is the first thing that can make your blog visitors read your article. I saw some of my fellow blogger friends, they’ve spent much time in writing a great post and readers actually don’t read it much. It taught me the importance of headline.

It’s the headline that can catch a readers’ eye and make him click it. So spend some more time in making an attractive and catchy title for your blog. However, you can use different Titles for your readers and search engines using your SEO plugin.

 Be Consistent

It’s good to post on your blog consistently. If you have not posted anything at regular intervals, readers too will gradually lose their interest on your blog and will never return back to read. Rather they’ll find a better blog that posts articles regularly. So maintaining consistency can also bring more readers to your blog and so the traffic.

Make It A Little Personal

Readers love to read when some of your personal experiences are added into your blog post. Yes, they actually feel them interesting when compared to a clearly explained boring stuff. So, make your article attractive.

This is one of my personal experiences, in fact. All my early blogging days, I’ve written topics that can be greatly useful for readers, but no one actually noticed them. I turned out to writing personal; I find people are actually involving in my articles. Even the number of comments you get will be doubled. So it’s not just you, it adds your readers too.

Write What You Know

It’s obvious; when people trust a brand, they can blindly go for anything from that brand. It happens in the blogging world too. When bloggers like Darren Rowsy, Bamidele Onibalusi, Amit Agarwal posts anything on their blog, people just follow them without a further query. The same thing may not happen to some of the new bloggers. So when you are actually writing an article, make sure it works for you. For example; if you are writing a post on “How to get more comments for your blog”, make sure your blog has some articles where you already have tons of comments. So, don’t let people suspect you. Be obvious, and give them the reason.


Keep It Simple, Silly. Don’t let out your geeky words flow out. Write in simple language. If you are targeting global traffic, your words must be clear enough to let them understand. Simple words always make sense. Anyhow, you can use some technical terms in your post (only if the article demands).

Few days back, I was reading an article on health improvement and I came across a word, ‘Rhinosinusitis’. I almost took a dozen of minutes to find out what the term ‘Rhinosinusitis’ actually means. Finally I ended up saying to myself “Damn! It’s just the scientific name of COLD”.

So, never let your readers experiences such cases. Write in a simple language yet clear enough.

Continue The Discussion

When you’re finally done with writing an article, don’t just end it. Yes, add some Call-To-Action and let the readers continue through comments. Add some words like “Do you follow any methods? Do let us know through comments” and add a lively action. And when people comment on your blog, reply them with a thanks giving or with an answer for their query. You will be appreciated.

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