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PivotTables in Excel – A Guide

Let us learn about Pivot Tables in Excel – A Guide. One of the most powerful, yet less used feature of Microsoft Excel is the ‘PivotTable’. Using this, you can analyze large amount of data and summarize them with just a few mouse clicks. Let us understand them here and learn how to create and

CCleaner – How to use it effectively

Using CCleaner – How to use it effectively. Everybody must have heard about this amazing piece of software. Generally, people simple click the clean button once, and feel like that’s enough. But, there’s a lot to tweak in this software. This software which cleans the temporary files and clears the private data has loads of

[How To] Nexus 4 ClockWorkMod Recovery(CWM)

Sale of Nexus 4 , one of the hugely anticipated smartphone,  started on this Diwali. As you know, someone out there is working up on these devices even before the device lands up into your hands. The CWM recovery came out of the box as soon as Nexus 4 came out for sales. Below you

Top 17 Useful Laptop Accessories

Top Must have Useful laptop Accessories to Buy

If you think buying a sleek laptop with all the latest features available loaded on it will be a great replacement for the bulky immovable stagnant desktop, then my dear friend you are absolutely wrong. A laptop may act like a good replacement to your old massive desktop only when you have correct laptop accessories

How to Add Custom Dislike Button On Facebook?

Dislike button on Facebook

Can you Add a Dislike Button On Facebook? Facebook has lot many features among its arsenal. Among them includes the like button, share button and the comments feature. This simple buttons are crucial to maintain the engaging experience on Facebook.These buttons are simple and also does the crucial role to make life simple on Facebook. But is these buttons enough for