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Telnet lessons – Part 2

how to telnet learning lessons

The simplest use of telnet is to log into a remote computer. Give the command: C:/>telnet (substituting the name of the computer you want to telnet into for If this computer is set up to let people log into accounts, you may get the message: login: Type your user name here, making sure

How to Remove Brontok Virus Manually (Windows)

remove brontok virus manually

If you have faced the irritating effects of Brontok, you definitely know what is it and how powerful it is. Just to update your info about this virus, and its capabilities, here is a brief introduction. What is Brontok Virus? Brontok Virus was made in Indonesia, and the it was named after a bird called

Create your own website using HTML, CSS, PHP

create your own website using html css php

Are you fascinated by the Cool, funky and beautiful websites of your friends or others that you find on the web? Do you want design websites like them? If your answer to the above questions is “yes” then this article is for you. I’m not going to teach you HTML starting from the “head tag”.