Android Battery Saving Tips

Android Battery Saving Tips

How long does your phone bear not to call “BATTERY LOW”. Have you ever noticed where does the Battery juice goes? Who does sucks up these juices?

These are some questions that may not come to everyone’s mind everyday but they bear a lot of importance in your life. If your battery runs out too quickly, you have to find out some feeding point wherever you are. So here is an exhaustive list of things you can do to boost your Andorids battery life  for longer time until it demands an immediate feeding point.

#1. Check out who feeds on your battery the most

The very first thing you require to find out the culprit behind sucking on the battery the most. You can check that when you open the About phone section of your Android device in the setting area and check out the Battery Use there. This part lists the items that suck your battery and also the percentage of battery they are constantly feeding upon. Here you will also see time passed since it was removed from the charging point.

#2. Adjust Device’s Brightness Level

In the previous step, you must have seen that the one, which consumes battery the most, is the display almost all times. The display of Android devices are quite bright and that much high level brightness is not required all of the time (at least when you are inside a building and not outside in Sun). Hence you can adjust the brightness at a low level at which the display is clear as well as the battery usage is decreased considerably. For this adjust brightness of the display in the Display Setting of your device.

#3. Automatic Brightness Setting

Not at but some of the Android devices will show a setting know as Automatic Brightness which enables the phone to adjust the brightness level according the level of light in the surroundings. Here the user will not have to adjust the brightness whenever goes out in the sun or comes back inside. This option is available in the Display Settings of Android device.

#4. Turn off 3G Network

If you do not access the high speed 3G network all the time, you can simply switch it off whenever you do not use it. For such actions, you will find an option in the Mobile Networks section in Wireless settings. This will save battery not much but does contribute.


#5. Black Background for AMOLED Screen

When you have an Android device with AMOLED screen, remember to keep a background that is quite dark and preferably Black. This will help save battery power of your Android device. Also if you surf Google through, this link will provide a black background.

#6. Task Manager to view if any App is on unnecessarily

Like the computer we also have the Task Manager for our Android devices that displays the number of programs that are open in the device. Open Task Manager of your Android Device to view if any App is on unnecessarily. It is a one stop solution to switch off all the Apps that may be on. Task Manager is available in the Menu of all Android devices.

#7. Adjust Screen Timeout

You must have observed that the screen brightness goes low if the device remains idle.  Android devices come with the functions to set these screen timeout according to the requirement of the user. You can easily adjust the screen timeout from the Display Settings section and adjust it low so that the phone dims the brightness earlier than before. This will help save battery power for longer time.

#8. Do Not get Pinged for every 2 Minutes

The Android device has so many features, why not exploit them. But if tweets, emails and similar stuff keeps you updated every 2 minutes, soon you will get bored and every time with this you also constantly lose your battery power. So to save battery power and concentrate, decrease the frequency of updates or notifications related with any apps.

#9. Turn Off Wi-Fi

The Wireless connection to the internet can be provided by the Wi-Fi services of the Android device. If an area where you are has connectivity to the internet through Wi-Fi services you can access the services on your device as well. But all the areas that you visit may not have Wi-Fi services and also you must not be accessing the internet through Wi-Fi all day long, so it would be better if you switch off the Wi-Fi connectivity when not required. Believe me, this will greatly enhance your Battery output for longer time.

#10. Turn Off Bluetooth

The Bluetooth services mainly provided you access to send and receive files that are not very big in size with another device or computer. But there is an often mistakes by many of us, that we forget to switch off the Bluetooth when not in use. Please make a note of this and always switch it off after your file sharing work is complete. This will save battery of your Android device as well as save your device from unauthorized access that someone may attempt to do while your Bluetooth is on.


#11. Turn Off GPS

GPS is a very useful and important service that our Android devices provide. The GPS will guide you through to your destination and let you know how to reach a particular place in an unknown region. Again this service is like that you may be using it all the time; hence turn off the GPS when not in use to save battery power from reducing at a faster rate.

#12. Keep your device on Stand By

Whenever you are not using your device, keep it on Stand By mode. This will again help you save battery power.

#13. Screen Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Screen Widgets look so beautiful and also provide an easy access to your various apps and programs that you may use very frequently. And not to forget those Live Wallpapers that add more beauty to the home screen. Both of these things make your home screen adorable but side by side they suck upon your battery juices and finish it very fast. If not possible to remove all the screen widgets on home screen than at least make a choice to keep only those without which you can’t live. And the live wallpapers I would say are worth replacing with the normal wallpapers but don’t make the home screen dull and ugly. Have a good collection of wallpapers and if you do not have search it on the internet and download but better avoid live wallpapers.

#14. Screen Auto Rotation

The screen auto rotation is a motion sensor feature of Android Devices and lets the devices change the view from portrait to landscape and back to portrait by just changing the style of holding the device. But the Android device is so configured with resolution that it will automatically show the stuff in portrait or landscape form according to stuff it has to display. Likewise you will find that some of the apps play in Portrait form but others may play in Landscape form and there are a very little number of apps that can be played in both the forms. So to switch on this feature is not of much use. So save battery by switching it off.

#15. Auto-sync Turned Off

If you are not a great user of Google stuff all the time, like Gmail, Calendar, etc. then it would be good for you to switch off the Auto Sync function. This will save battery juice for longer time. You can sync your contacts with manually after a fixed interval of time every time, so that if you lose you device anywhere you have those precious contacts with you. My Settings is that app which will help you switching off the auto sync feature. This app also has many similar features.

Download it Here.

#16. Put device in Best Reception Of Signals

Another parameter that matters for battery is good reception of signals. You can actually experiment this parameter. Keep your device in a place where there are plenty of signals of good strength are available, your battery will definitely remain active for longer period of time. In other case, the battery drains out at a faster rate. Antennas is an app that help you find good reception area.

Download it Here.

#17. Device Vibrations

The device vibrations are very useful like you may be in a place where you do not want your phone to shout when you receive a call, sms, email or something like that. Also there can be places where you require the ringtone to ring for you whenever call or similar things happen. So it depends on the place you are in that you require the ringtone or just the vibrations to work for. But one thing is that vibrations consume a lot of battery power. So do not keep your device on vibrations unnecessarily. Also there may be Apps and Games that shake your device at instants while playing, so it will be better to switch vibration for these stuff.

#18. Air Plane Mode

There is mode called Airplane Mode on your Android device. You should switch to this mode while travelling in airplane. This will also help you save battery on your device. If you are not interested in using your device in the airplane, it will be best you switch off the device. While in airplane mode your device will not be able to receive or perform call like features but will be fully functional for those tasks that do not use the network connectivity.

#19. Keep Your Device’s charger and USB cable always with you

It may happen with you that you do not find time to charge device when you are work or you may field work and travel a lot and so not able to charge the Android device. For that case, you must always carry the charger and the USB cable with you, so that you can charge the device whenever you find time. USB cable is also helpful at lot of places to charge the device like the Airports where they have charging ports that work with USB cable.

#20. Apps that will help you Save Battery

#21. Juice defender

This is a wonderful and mighty app which has a lot many features to help you in saving the battery juice of your Android device. The app has the power to make a huge difference in the power consumption that you make now and that after using its features.

Download it Here.

#22. Go Power Master

This app is also very cool and provides a great help in your motive to save battery power. The app is very interactive and user-friendly.

Download it Here.

You may try each and every remedy provided above, but trying at least 5-6  will make a considerable difference to battery consumption.

What do you do to keep your Android running full day? Do share your tips with TheGeekDaily readers.

8 thoughts on “22 Tips to Increase Your Android’s Battery Life

  • August 31, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Impressive ways to consume battery.
    Useful for me because i am always having shortage of battery, because use to chat more, play games, talking.
    Its useful for me.

    • September 26, 2012 at 9:29 pm

      Yes, giving a little concern to your android phone can save you a lot in your battery consumption.

  • August 29, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Hi Anurag
    thanks a lot for the app,its increase my android mobile battery life and also i try another list of apps you mention

    • October 7, 2012 at 11:26 am

      It’s is great that you found our post helpful in regard to you phone’s battery saving thing 🙂

  • August 21, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Thanks, great tips. My samsung galaxy SII is such a battery hogger, followng these battery saving tips , hopefully ill experience a better battery backup.

  • August 21, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    Yes do try and let us know. Improving battery life of an android phone is in it’s users’ hand. Being equipped with so high-tech apps, save your phone’s battery as much as you can…Avoid removing your phone’s battery too much, it also affects.

  • August 21, 2012 at 8:15 am

    Useful post.Hope by applying your tips and tricks I can improve the battery life of my android mobile phone.All the apps you have mentioned in your post are really new to me.Surely I’ll give a try.


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