[How to] Sync Facebook Birthdays with Google Calendar

[How to] Sync Facebook Birthdays with Google Calendar

Google calendar is a very powerful web-based calendar and task manager. It allows you to view multiple calendars, yours as well as other together; plan meetings, view others’ schedules etc. That is the reason it is very popular among its users.

On the other hand, Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet. Almost anybody who is active on the internet has a Facebook account. Facebook has a huge database of our friends’ birthdays. It would be very convenient it one could see all those birthdays in the Google Calendar itself as that would help users to integrate it with their other schedules.

This post shows you how to sync Facebook birthdays with Google Calendar.

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Click on the Events tab on right hand side, below the profile picture.
  3. From the list, select Birthdays. A list of all the upcoming friends’ birthdays will appear.

  1. Then scroll to the bottom of the page. Click “Export Birthdays”.
  2. A dialog box would appear containing a webcal link. Now copy the link, either by selecting it or right-click and “Copy link location”. After copying it, press Close.
  3. Go to your Google Calendar account.
  4. On the left-hand-bottom side, under the “Other calendar” section, select Add > ADD BY URL.

  1. Now a dialog box will appear. In the box, paste the copied address and press “Add Calendar”. Within a few seconds, you will see all the Facebook friend’s birthdays appear in the calendar along with other calendar. You’re done!

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For further tweaking:

  1. Click “Settings” link, which could be found beside the “Add” shown in step 8. The page that opens will list all the calendars you created or have subscribed to. The calendar named  “Contacts’ birthdays and events” is your Facebook calendar for further references. Click it to rename it to something else.

36 thoughts on “[How to] Sync Facebook Birthdays with Google Calendar”

  1. This was a great technique. Unfortunately Facebook changed how events work. Now this doesn’t work any more. If anyone has another tip how to make it work again, I’d be grateful.

    Facebook help says: “Some people have the new Events design where exporting birthdays is no longer available.”

    • Hi, I’ve figured out the latest way to make this work (Actually I discovered it by accident) don’t know how long Facebook will keep it out there.
      Click on event on the left hand side of your facebook feed. On the next page, on the top right hand side you’ll see birthday’s this week.
      Click on the ‘see all’ option. All birthdays will be listed in the middle of the screen, to the right you will see 3 boxes top to bottom.
      The last box says ‘You can add your events to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. (I tried clicking on learn more and it didn’t give a clear solution). So click on Birthdays on the lower side of the same box.
      In doing so a small window will open with the heading, Launch Application. Select MS Outlook and click ok. A small MS Outlook window will open – Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to Updates?

      READ the next part carefully.

      In this window there will be a calendar address http://www.facebook.com/ical/b.php?………
      Drag the mouse on this link and copy it. Click No and close the dialogue box.

      Now open your Google Calendar click to open ‘Other Calendars’ and select add by URL. Paste the copied URL and your Facebook Birthdays will start syncing.

      Hope it helps.

  2. How to view the FB B’day calender added to Google Calender, i have added it but when i click disply only B’day calender I dont see any frens B’day on the calender, how to display,
    Plzzzz help me wot cud be wrong,,, and how to set SMS reminder for all the Upcoming B’day,,,,

  3. By following your advice I downloaded the birthdays in my google calender. Although I had created different calender (say B) but may be since another calender was open (say A) at that time, so all the data has been copied to Calender A now. I wanted that to be in Calender B. Please advice how to remove this imported data from Calender A. I can import the birthdays (that was for my Facebook friends) to calender B again later on. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for this great info! Although I’m a mac user and integrate iCal with Google Calendar it’s nice to have a ‘google calendar’ subscription solution rather than iCal for when on the go!

  5. Thanks,
    But what i noticed that only birthdays from present day upto end of year are visible. Past birthdays are not exported. Any idea for exporting all birthdates?

  6. Do you know if there is a way to filter the synced data? I dont want all the birthdays on my calendar just some of them.

    • @Amit:

      You can edit the file yourself by opening the webcal:// link by replacing it with http:// and opening it in notepad.

      (YES you can open links in notepad by doing File… Open)

      Then you edit it like this..

      SUMMARY:Jane Doe’s Birthday

      Just delete from BEGIN: to END: VEVENT for each one you want to remove. It acts like it was never there.

      Then just save the file locally, and then upload it to Google Calendar yourself from where you save it (Usually I will use Desktop for 1 time uses)

  7. insightful comment hughster…
    I agree with the inability of Gcal to display the birthday’s as a full day event. In case of shift in time zones, the syncing becomes more trickier.

    so far as webcal linking is concerned, the webcal link worked fine for me when i set it up for me. Things could have changed in the meanwhile. Thanks for showing us the workaround.

  8. Not sure what’s going wrong, but adding the link straight out of Facebook doesn’t work for me. For some reason, Google Calendar doesn’t like the “webcal://” protocol in the link.

    I changed “webcal://” to “http://” and it worked fine, although the events don’t show up as ‘all day’ events but as ’00:00-00:00′, so the titles shown in the calendar are, e.g., “(00:00) John Smith’s Birthday”. Not ideal, but at least it works.

  9. Awesome! Man if I knew it was this simpel…next time I’ll try to be more patient with my google-searches. Have a Desire HD-mobile and somehow all birthdays went missing from my calender…but now their all there again. Thanks!

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