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Am back to excite you all once again. Last time I wrote about how can you get Siri Like if not Siri Assistant on your Older iDevice, but this time I’ll treat you with how you can get Siri on your older iDevices. The interesting part is this Siri Port works around the world without restricting you to be in a particular geographic location and all this for 0 grands.. yes you read that right.. it’s free!

Let me introduce to you i4Siri, one of the prominent solutions for porting siri to your older device the legal way. This is what i4siri’s official website’s About page says:

i4Siri is a project dedicated to providing a free Siri work around for devices that do not have Siri natively.

This Siri Port is not a work of 2 days, I have been following i4siri team since last few couple of months on there daily progress and finally they delighted me by launching there public servers recently. Their service was under test since last few weeks and donators were given early access. They launched the public servers on 8th of this month:

Let us cut to the chase- We are proud to announce public availability for our replacement Siri server. Our developers have worked hard, and with months of data analysis, testing, and tweaking; We now have a stable product to be enjoyed by many thousand more people. Our numbers through this beta have been staggering, with over 2,000 participants, and more then 1,500,000 requests made you have proved to us the demand is there. The growth we expect is exponential, and we only ask that donations continue, as they are all that currently keep us a float.

Following are the features offered by i4Siri currently and they are always increasing:

These are the features that i4Siri currently supports:

  • time
  • timer
  • notes
  • ‘smart’ siri
  • www search
  • dictation
  • phone calls
  • jokes
  • alarms
  • weathe
  • where am I?
  • Reminders (not completely working)
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Location Searches

All this shows the numbers and efforts involved in project. That’s all the blah blah..

Let’s learn how to use it on your device, i4Siri team has tried to keep it very simple for end user to set it up and start using it. Just follow these steps and you will be good to go:

List of Supported Devices: iPad 2, iPad 1, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPod Touch 4G

Step 1. Your iDevice must be jailbroken on iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 or 5.1

Step 2. Add i4Siri repo source in Cydia –

Step 3. Search for i4Siri in Cydia once source is added, you’ll get two results: i4Siri and i4Siri for iPad. Install the respective version

Step 4. i4Siri is dependent upon Spire and so it’ll install it automatically if not already installed.

Step 5. Once i4Siri is installed, respring!

Step 6. Go to settings -> i4Siri

Step 7. Tap on Install Certificate

Step 8. Go to settings -> spire and make sure URL is:

Step 9. Done! You are good to go

You should be able to use Siri now! Though in starting phase the response is quite slow on your GPRS network, but works fine on wi-fi. This is supposed to get better with time.

The good thing about this project is, it does not rely on Apple’s server and they have built there own servers using Google API which works pretty well. Also because these are not Apple’s server, Siri works even in officially unsupported countries including India. Following screenshot is from my own iPhone 4 running i4Siri:

Hope you enjoyed the post as ever, if you did please share the information with your friends and family! Do comment and let me know what you liked about this post and what can be imporved in future.

2 thoughts on “i4Siri: Get Siri and Not Siri[Like] Assistant on your Older iDevice

  • December 7, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Awesome it works

  • May 29, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    This is a good project. Do you remember an app like SIRI for Android. It was called IRIS haven’t heard about it from many days.


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