Import and Export Windows Live Writer Settings and Plugins

Have you ever tried to move your Windows Live Writer settings and plugins from one computer to another, then you will know what a real pain it can turn out to be. You can install all the plugins again, but that’s  not very efficient. To do it efficiently, there`s a plugin which exports and imports all your plugins settings and allows you to transfer the settings from one to another in just few clicks.

Import and Export Settings for Windows Live Writer is a plugin which export all the settings and saves them on local disk, which can act as backup too. This could be used when the software crashes or when you want to use it on some other PC.

How To Use it ?

  • Download the Plugin and install.
  • Go To Insert >> Plug-ins, click on Import and Export Settings for Windows Live Writer. A dialog box will appear. It can perform three functions, Export, Import and Reset all settings. To create Backup, chooseExport selected settings and click on Next Button.

  • Now choose the settings to be exported and click on Next button.

  • Name the file to be exported and provide the path where you would like to save these settings, you can save it to your computer`s local disk or on server. After that, Click Finish Button. Can be served as a backup tool too.

  • Your settings are now saved and you can restore them when required via Import selected settings.

And that`s how we Import/Export Windows Live Writer Settings and plug-ins.  Are you a Windows Live Writer user? Do you find this tip handy? Do share with us.

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