Importance of Social Media in Blogging

Importance of Social Media in Blogging

Today Social Media has become a dominant force in marketing world and with each passing day its roots are spreading wide.  It is has become one cost – efficient method to promote websites and blogs by getting you links and huge amounts of traffic. Social media is bound to get your site/blog profits over a period of time and thus has become indispensable for the success of your site/blog.

Social Media

The best examples of social media that we see today are facebook, twitter, orkut, YouTube, flicker, MySpace etc. Although they target the young generation but people from all age groups, genre share the features of form a part of the larger audience.

Now, the obvious question – WHY should we opt for social media for publicizing our website and not stick to the conventional methods such as – purchasing banners, search advertising or exchanging links.???? The answer is very simple…..

Firstly, social media gives you large number of visitors or traffic (both primary and secondary). Primary traffic means the large number of visitors who directly come in contact with social networking site. And, secondary traffic refers to traffic which is redirected to your site/blog via these social sites. In this way you have large number of visitors who may visit your site again and again.

Secondly, with social media there is no cost involved for purchasing of links. Social networking sites do that for free.

Thirdly, it saves you from the time-consuming job of writing comments daily, or writing guest posts. Moreover, it does not interfere with other methods of getting traffic to your site/blog.

Once the traffic on your site/blog increases and more people get to know about it through various social networking sites the income potential for your site/blog increases. For example, you will be able to price ads higher or generate revenue from any paid business models. However, in order to achieve this we need to put social media in the center of our marketing strategy. We must have a proper social media marketing strategy for our site/blog to make it a success!!!!

Now lets come to a list of  social media sites which every blogger must use :

  1. Twitter- Regularly post tweets about your blog post and other details. Also encourage your readers to tweet your posts.
  2. Facebook – Create  fan page for your blog and promote  your blog via the fan page.
  3. Delicious – This social media site let you bookmark your favorite link. Encourage your users to bookmark your blog posts in their delicious account.
  4. Digg – It allows you to digg  or submit your post summary .
  5. Stumble Upon – It allows user to stumble your site and recommend it to other users who surf sites via stumble .
  6. Google buzz – It is similar to twitter.

In my next post I will discuss how to use these social media sites more effectively and efficiently.

8 thoughts on “Importance of Social Media in Blogging”

  1. Stumble upon has provided a lot of unites states’ traffic recently proving the fact that social media is rich of free traffic for your blog, but mind you do create some stuff for those visitors to become regular and subscribe. 🙂

  2. hey i was wondering if someone can write about how to make people follow you on twitter and other such sites.

  3. Well said Akshay, Social Media plays a vital role in marketing our blogging efforts and the science of Social Media Marketing is all about being most visible online.

    It’s beneficial for every blogger to uniquely build biggest footprints online with the help of most popular social media platforms which include microblogs like twitter and , social networks like facebook, linkedIn, Myspace and Orkut, media sharing sites like Youtube and Filkr, social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit stumbleupon etc., and of-course forums. Also its said that the world’s most popular 3D virtual world (Second Life) is of great use for bloggers’ to promote their blogging efforts and make money.

  4. Add a list of social media sites every blogger must use to promote their sites.
    In your next post you should explain how to use them effectively.

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