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WordPress Tutorial to Reorder Blog Posts for maximum benefits

WordPress sorts your blogs by using the date on which the content was blogged. Well, everyone knows that some content perform better than others and thus those which don’t, needs you and your readers’ attention.

Well, if you blog for the sake of being read and not just for the lucrative money associated with blogging, you must want that each piece of your content is read and comment on, right?


Sometimes, when you post too much content in a day, the blog posts posted in the morning won’t get much attention, that is why scheduling your posts is important.

Now, if you have not tried scheduled blogging, this is the right time to arrange your posts but if you want to rearrange your blog, we have a simple plugin and a WordPress tutorial.

How to Arrange Blog Posts in Order on a WordPress Blog

For this you will need just your Self-Hosted WordPress blog because you cannot install plugins in a WordPress hosted blog.

Using WordPress Default Settings

WordPress uses date as an algorithm to judge which content should be shown in your blog home page. You can alter this by simple changing and customizing the date as per your requirement.

Step 1– Log in to your WP Admin and click posts, located in left-hand sidebar

Step 2 – Hover over the post which you want to arrange first in the order and click “Quick Edit”


Step 3 – Enter the desired date, preferable a new date because you want that post to display on your homepage.

Step 4 – Click “Save” button

Step 5 – Open your WordPress Blog homepage and you would see the new blog post in the list of recent entries

Step 6 – Do the same for every other post which for which you want more readers

See, in a blog with more than 10 posts a day you cannot expect all the posts to get equal high attention, so scheduling is very important, save your killer articles for the best time of the day.

Using a plugin to reschedule blog posts

You can also a use a plugin to do the same but ensure that you are not using too many plugins because it may slow down your blog.

Step 1 – Click on “Plugins” link in your left hand side of WP Admin and then click “Add New”


Step 2 – Type “post reorder” in the text field and search for the related plugins

Step 3 – You will find a list of plugins, here you can choose either “postMash” or “aiXorder” plugin to rearrange blog posts


postMash: It arranges your blog posts using drag and drop features, you can arrange it easily without having to change dates.

aiXorder: It arranges your homepage blogs posts in such a way that most popular blogs appear first, intelligent plugin.

Step 4 – Choose any of these plugins and click on “Install Now” Once you have installed the plugin, arrange your WordPress posts, the way you want them to be. Good Luck.

This was a WordPress tutorial from Rakesh Narang, for more tutorials keep reading TheGeekDaily.

One thought on “Reorder Posts and Publish at Right Time To Increase Traffic

  • February 1, 2011 at 3:49 am

    Thanks for the tips. I didn’t considered the fact that I might just change the date in quick edit. Still, I had that in front of my eyes. I publish my posts al 1AM and, maybe at 10 or 15 during the day.


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