Ingress: Google’s Augmented Reality Game Open for Beta Testers

Ingress: Google’s Augmented Reality Game Open for Beta Testers

Before exactly one week we had closely heard the  secret of the game developed by Google Niantic Project. Before the official release on 29 November the Augmented Reality application is already started yesterday  in the closed beta test.

Vendor Introduction and Gameplay

During a week ago it was not clear that what type of application it would be at Niantic Project, but it is now clear that we are dealing with a augmented reality game which is being developed at the house of Google. In an interview with All Things D project manager John Hanke, he already outlined the basic game mechanics and the background story:

In our world, there is an energy source – Exotic Mater – that is not perceptible for everyone. The (Smartphone users), can perceive they split, however, into two camps: the Enlightened One, the think without a lot of power seize in order to use them for their own benefit, as well as the resistance of the matter does not trust so completely and will explore the origins of this energy. Thus, the players from both sides take to the streets of their home towns around there lying around in crystalline form to collect energy XM. XM is sufficiently present, then one goes on missions to various portals. And here we return to reality: portals are located on famous works of art, libraries and other places of cultural interest. At first glance it is clear: Ingress would encourage the user to a fun way to exercise and bring him close to major attractions around the world.

Game Screenshots


Inevitably,  the issue of Augmented Reality comes and Google’s Project Glass is to be kept in  mind. Whether these glasses display before the end of the season – are planned and a half years – ready for the consumer market will be is questionable at this moment.

As luck would have it, fluttered colleague are even Frank  as I write this an invitation to the closed beta in the virtual mailbox. In short the Ingress will boom the market of Virtual gaming on smartphones so you should learn the art of virtual war in ingress.

Activate and Lets Boom..!

After the activation of the account is initially contacted by a member of the resistance. So you put a code name and a brief tutorial familiar with the play. On the screen of the smartphone it offers a minimalist view an overview of the surrounding area. On this XM sources are listed as blue crystals, which are collected when they are in a closer radius around the player. Also portals, tower-like structures, are immediately recognizable here. When approaching such, it can – provided enough XM – are marked with a quick click and chopped, to obtain additional resources. The portal should be manned hostile, you have it – also by click – shoot first. But once it is in our own hands, you can attach it called resonators, which are to be found with different frequencies in different strengths. Portal is a completely equipped with various resonators, so it can be better protected by upgrading hostile takeover.

That’s the theory. After the tutorial, by the resistance will be – how could it be otherwise – also contacted by the enlightened. Only now decides which group will support you from now on. Rebellious as I am now time, I agree, of course, at the resistance and make me immediately in search of portals. To my surprise, I will find myself in a small Heidelberg and secure me two such structures – in fact sculptures in the courtyard of the new university.

And so my experience ends there. Since the closed beta test has not run for longer, I find neither enemy nor friend in my area to test the interaction with them. An extensive experience with the very interesting game will probably not until the end of the month be possible if the access is generally open.Only then well be global events that will strengthen the cohesion of the individual groups will be available. We keep an eye on the events.


Did you have the luck to get even an invitation to beta test? Are you looking forward to the game? Or do you think nothing of Augmented Reality applications? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section.

Download: Ingress (Free, without Invite code can not be used)

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