Install Android Application on Nokia X

Nokia X was the last Smartphone announced by Nokia before Microsoft’s takeover. Nokia X runs on sliced version of Android operating system. A total of three devices were announced under Nokia X family and they got nomenclature as Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

As Nokia X runs on sliced version of Android hence it does not have Google Play Store. To install any Android application, the user has to either download apk files from third party Android store or have to install Android Play Store. Android Play Store is not available by default and it has to be installed separately. However, it comes with its own app market but for now it doesn’t have many applications to offer for the device.

To install Google Play Store, the first thing that we need is a rooted Nokia X device, then only we will be able to use Android applications on it, in case you are not considering to go with any other third party Android application website.

If you own Nokia X device or planning to get one and looking for an application market alternative then keep reading further, we will tell you how to install Android applications and also try to explore some unexplored features of the device.Install Android Application on Nokia X

Disclaimer: Before following this guide we at TGD strongly recommend to backup all essential data. In case, something goes wrong we are not to be held responsible in any case.

Pre-requisite to Install Android Application on Nokia X

  • Rooted Nokia X device
  • Google Apps setup file [Download]

If you don’t have rooted Nokia X device, we have to first root the device and it is pretty simple.

  • Download Gandalf Exploit included in Frameroot app to root Nokia X [Here].
  • Download Root Explorer application [Here].
  • Once you have both the files, go ahead and use Root Explorer to launch Gandalf Exploit, it is a tool that exploits Nokia X OS vulnerability and allows user to gain root access of the device.Install Android Application on Nokia X

Now, as you have a rooted Nokia X device, let’s go ahead and install Google Play Store.

  • Now, Download Google Apps Store Apk files from [Here] copy the file under /system/app and change file permission.Install Android Application on Nokia X
  • Reboot the device and wait for a while until Google Apps is installed
  • All done! go ahead and launch Google Play Store and enter your Gmail credentials and start downloading Android apps on the go.Nokia X

Nokia X comes with features like Dual SIM support, 4-inch IPS LCD capacitive display, powered by 1 GHz Cortex-A5 processor and 4 GB of internal and expandable memory up to 32 GB. As Nokia X Smartphone family was launched taking into account about the price and features that Nokia can offer at its best, however features and specifications vary as you go for higher end handset.

Do give a try to root and install Android applications on Nokia X, let us know if you encounter any issue during the process.

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  • June 4, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    You did a great job!!
    I bought a new NOKIA X mobile recently and I don’t even know how to install some Apps.
    The article is right solution for these problems.
    Thank you for this Informative page.


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