ParanoidAndroid Jelly Bean 4.1 for AT&T Galaxy S3

It has not been too long since AT&T Galaxy S3 users got the taste of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on this very renowned device, thebz1 an XDA developer came up with ParanoidAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S3 phone. This update isn’t usual like an Android 4.1 update but it’s a hybrid user interface update.

With hybrid mode it allows you to get a taste of both standard android phone user interface and an android tablet UI. It makes you feel a tablet’s interface in your very own android phone. You can scale and project every widget and app installed to make use of the Galaxy S3’s large screen.

Let’s flash ParanoidAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on AT&T Galaxy S3…


You must hold AT&T Galaxy S3 phone, it is clearly not advisable to use this ROM on any other variant of Galaxy S3. To check your phone’s model, go to “Settings > About Phone”. During flashing process, your device may brick up if steps are not properly followed or due to your negligence, so proceed further at your own risk. We shouldn’t be held liable for any damage.

How to Install ParanoidAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on AT&T Galaxy S3 – Tutorial

  • Before installing any custom ROM, we always ask every android user to make a back up. Flashing with a new ROM will wipe all of your phone’s data, contacts, APN settings etc. except the data on your SD card. So make a proper and fruitful back up of your phone. It is advisable to pen down your phone’s APN settings somewhere so that you can restore your data connection after flashing if anything goes wrong.
  • Install CWM recovery on your AT&T Galaxy S3.
  • Download the ParanoidAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM from given below link.

Download ROM I File Name –

  • To install Google Apps like Gmail, Google Play etc., download Google Apps package as it is not present in the above downloaded custom ROM zip file.

Download Gaaps

  • After downloading the ROM zip file and Gapps, transfer/copy them to your SD card.
  • Now we will boot into CWM recovery. To do that kindly switch off your phone, then hold “Volume Up and Volume Down” button altogether and press “Power Button” until the screen is on back. Now scrolling up and down with the help of Volume up and down buttons and selecting with the help of power button, choose “Recovery Mode” option.
  • Before we wipe the data, it’s better we make a backup of existing ROM on the phone, it will be useful to recover the previous version if anything goes wrong while flashing the new ROM. Perform a Nandroid backup.
  • Back to main menu on home screen after making a backup of the existing ROM, select “Wipe > Factory Reset > Wipe Data”. Confirm it and wait till the “wipe data” process is over.
  • Select the option “install zip from SD card” then scroll down to choose the copied zip file from SD card. Select it and confirm it by selecting option “Yes” and then wait for ROM to get installed.
  • As soon as this ROM installation finishes, again go back to choose the Gapps package zip file from SD card and select it, confirm it to install Google Apps package.
  • As soon as you are finished with Gapps installation, go back and choose “Reboot now” to reboot into ParanoidAndroid ROM.

As the ROM’s developer states it is in developing phase so you may get some issues in the phone which are not working regarding Camera and Bluetooth, if you find those troublesome you can restore your previous ROM easily by booting into the recovery and selecting option “Back up and Restore” and scrolling down to choose your backed up ROM.

ParanoidAndroid Jelly Bean 4.1 ROM

How to Change the Workspace Mode of your AT&T Galaxy S3 after installing ParanoidAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM :-

  • Go to “Settings > Paranoid Settings”.
  • From a list of various Hybrid UI choose a mode which suits you best ex. you can choose Tablet (big), Tablet (small), Phablet (big), Phablet(Small) modes etc.
  • System will ask you for a reboot, tap on “Reboot”. You will see a new tablet interface on your AT&T Galaxy S3.

Comment if you face any trouble while flashing your AT&T Galaxy S3 with the ParanoidAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM. Some bugs may give you trouble but they can be ignored over the fascinating features of this ROM.

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