Install Safari on Ubuntu

Install Safari on Ubuntu

Ubuntu users lack the number of options available as compared to the PC or Mac users. Main browsers they can use are Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome & Opera.

In this post I will be writing a tutorial on how you can install Safari on Ubuntu. So, without any further ado we will start.

  • Install Wine

Wine is a known Windows emulator for Linux. It is used to run Windows programs on Linux. We will be installing Wine first in order to install Safari on Linux. To install wine you need to open up the Ubuntu Software center and search for Wine. Or, you can simply go to this website and follow the instructions.The install will take a while. Or, you can install it via the Terminal using the following apt syntax.

sudo apt-get install wine

After installing Wine you need to install core fonts and the flash (windows version) using winetricks. To do this input the following in the terminal.

winetricks corefonts flash

  • Install 7zip

Installing 7zip is our next step as this will be needed to run Play on Linux. Ignoring this will give you an error related to 7zip.

sudo aptget install p7zip-full

  • Install Play On Linux

Play on Linux will help us create an environment to run Safari easily. To install Play on Linux you need to download it from this website. Choose the Ubuntu version as we are doing this for Ubuntu.

After installing Play on Linux, open it. A new window will open up which will look like the screenshot below.

play on linux


Now click Install. Click Internet and then click Safari. Click Install.

play on linux

Now the package will download some required packages and start installing Safari on Ubuntu. Keep following the wizard and you will have Safari installed on Ubuntu.

play on linux

So, we have successfully installed Safari on Ubuntu.

Safari browser

But lets keep in mind that if you want to experience the real internet browsing experience use the browsers that are built to run on Linux by default and not the browsers that run with Wine.


9 thoughts on “Install Safari on Ubuntu”

  1. Good Morning, I have a problem with the Safari.exe on Ubuntu, I don’t Know what I did Wrong! I fallow all the steps on this site, the problem is when I try to open Safari with the PlayOnLinux, it says is a problem and it must close, sorry for my english I am from Venezuela. Thanks a lot!

      • You can install every windows application on Linux with wine. But during the time I was using Ubuntu, wine wasn’t very polished, applications installed through wine did not work properly and it also put extra load on the system.

        • Wine has improved but its still not perfect on all systems. But lets face it.. after all its just an EMULATOR so it will not host Windows programs perfectly.
          And this is the main reason I took help of Play on Linux which helps in creating the environment to run Windows programs.

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