Instapaper: Save Webpages For Reading Them Offline

Apps that let you store webpages when you are online for you to read later when you might not have internet connection are a big hit these days. These apps can be particularly useful to those who are fond of reading online but do not have internet connection all the time. These apps let you store webpages offline so you can read them later.

One such app that you might have heard of is the Pocket which is quite popular among users who use this service. Another app that you might know goes by the name Instapaper and we have a good news. Instapaper is now available for a free download from the Google Play Store. Another good news is that Instapaper’s service now costs you less and comes with a whole lot of new features.


What Instapaper does is that it stores webpages offline for you. It will convert the webpages to a text only format for easy storing and easy storing for you. You also have the option to store the webpages with the title image which you can choose by going into the settings.


The latest version of Instapaper, version 4.0 is now available for download from the Google Play Store and you can download it by clicking here. The app earlier cost $3 to install but has now been made free to download. You’ll just have to pay $3/month or $30/year and the app will provide with a whole lot of new features and tools that will make saving pages and viewing them offline much easier for you.


Wondering what do you get for the $3 that you’ll be paying every month? Instapaper will offer you the feature to convert the stored webpage’s text to speech using its text-to-speech feature. You can also create a sort of playlist of the webpages you want to convert to speech from all the stored webpages and put the text-to-speech feature to work with them. This feature could prove to be very useful to the visually impaired or in times when you forget your reading glasses but dont want to miss out on your time.

Thats not all. Anther new feature on the Instapaper is that it now allows you to create user profiles and also has a new browse environment. These two features go hand in hand as you can store or share webpages to your user profile which can then be seen by your friends who are also on Instapaper.


Impressed? If you are an avid reader but do not have internet connectivity, this is one app that we recommend you get on your Android smartphone as the $3/month price is no much for the features and the tools that the app offers. You might also want to check out the more popular app Pocket before getting this one and decide for yourself.


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