Intel’s New Ultrabooks with Smart Connect & Rapid Start Technology

Intel coined the word ‘Ultrabooks’ here at Computex 2011 for its latest offering which it expects will be the future of the coming generations of Laptops and Notebooks. These are actually the clan of those thin yet extremely powerful laptops and notebooks that are running on Intel’s new Sandy bridge architecture.

What is Smart Connect ?

Well according to Intel Smart Connect is actually a smarter way of updating data from the internet. This technology allows your computer to check for updates to your Web apps that you are running like your e-mail,Twitter, Facebook etc even while your computer is in Sleep mode.Smart Connect will actually periodically wake up the system and check if there are any updates or emails available before putting it back to sleep.What is most exciting feature of this Technology is that it will greatly reduce the time to resume ,and Intel says that it will be less than 4 to 5 seconds.

What is Rapid Start ?

Rapid start is a next generation technology which is simply hibernate to NAND.It’s essentially a new type of Hibernation in which your system will remember its state even on ‘Zero Power’ .What it means is that even if you remove the Battery and the Ac plug of your system when you restart your system your system will be able to resume its previous state.It actually works by employing the flash present on the mother-board .Your system will actually write its state on flash storage that’s embedded in the laptop’s motherboard before hibernating.Intel also promises to reduce the resume time to 4 to 5 seconds.

When will  Smart Connect & Rapid Start Technology hit the market ?

Expect to see these Ultrabooks in by the end of the year. Intel is also optimistic that the Prices for these devices will be around $1000 or less.

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