Invoxia NVX610 – New Generation Desktop Phone


One of the top 10 innovative gadgets of 2012 is Invoxia NVX610 New Generation Desktop Phone. It offers a contemporary design; it is the first desktop phone with an acoustic sound and an intuitive interface driven by your iPhone.  Invoxia has taken a substantially different path. iFusion allows any iPhone to act like a conventional phone, but NVX 610 is more like an ultra-expensive Skype phone that just happens to have iOS device integration and design influences, with real-world performance that we can only described underwhelming.

Features and Specifications of Invoxia NVX610:

On a positive note, NVX 610 is a gorgeous desktop phone—the sort of design that Apple might have come up with had it cared to produce legacy telephone products. Resembling the iPhone 4, it has a glass top and matching plastic bottom with a thicker silver center, it has a metal perforated grill revealing a total of eight speakers that run from left to front to right, plus eight microphones for a very unique speaker phone. A USB-connected handset that also looks like an elongated iPhone 4 with a rubber ear cup that has a quite fashionable look; it also has a glass surface with one of three included colored rubber triangles. The triangle attaches with magnets to the right spot on the unit’s top, and when the handset’s resting on it, it performs as if it’s been hung up. A plastic passive stand attaches to the back if user wants to use an iPad with the unit, though user will need to supply their own Dock Connector to USB cable to make the electronic connection.

Overall Invoxia has done such a great job with the industrial design of NVX 610 that people are beyond excited just to see it. While it’s much a look of Apple’s style, all of the parts come together with the sort sparkle one would expect for the crazy high price tag; if NVX 610 had performed as people expected, it wouldn’t have been a mainstream product, but it would still have  “price no object” sorts of customers. People would have had no objections about recommending it in at least a limited fashion.

Problem with Invoxia NVX610:

The problem with NVX 610 is that it a bit complicated accessory, and not quite as well designed as one might imaging from its looks. Unlike 99% of Bluetooth 2.1-capable accessories, which begin a friendly handshaking process the first time you turn them on, NVX 610 doesn’t work like that. It requires user to plug your device into its dock, and then download its application, before it will initiate Bluetooth pairing. If users have already paired one Bluetooth device, it may have issues when user will go to pair the second one. And if users try to make a call from their iPhone through the NVX 610, it might not work properly. Users have faced the problem of echo back of sound.  Incoming calls sometimes rang on NVX 610’s own speakers, complete with one of several unique ringtones; at other times, the unit sat silently for no apparent reason. To make Skype or SIP calls, users need to connect it with an Ethernet cable to their network, as it has no wireless hardware of its own.

Cost of Invoxia NVX610:

Overall, user ‘s experience with NVX 610 was seriously disappointing; in fact, the performance was so downright bizarre that it’s hard to believe that anything users are seeing was from a product that was ready to hit the market at a $499 (introductory) or $599 (regular) price. it will remain an impressively beautiful but not particularly useful piece of desktop hardware.