iOnRoad : Turn your Android device into crash warning system

Are you big fan of Augmented reality?? you whould have used AR browser,AR apps like Google goggles etc,but how about a app that warns you about a crash?? ,here is an app for that.

iOnRoad is AR app that uses the camera of your Android smart phone to measure the relative speed and distance between a vehicle and those in front of it, broadcasting audio and visual collision warnings whenever the risk of an impending collision is detected.

To use this app,  user should places a android powered smart phone in a car-mount holder, so that the smart phone’s camera can have a clear  “view”  of  the road in front of the car. Calibration of the device is  unnecessary, as the app  automatically performs each time a user starts driving.

When running, the app displays an image of the vehicle in the lane ahead of the driver and marks it with a time gap in seconds that indicates how much time it would take a car  at its current speed to reach the position of that vehicle.

This App has  a facility to sound two crash alerts to encourage drivers to start braking should they get too close to the vehicle ahead. A yellow alert appears and beeps when the time gap is less than 2.5 seconds. Subsequently, if the driver has not slowed the vehicle, a red crash alert appears and sounds when the time gap drops to less than 1.5 seconds.This app uses only  native camera, GPS and sensors of the smart phone.The other features of this app are



  •  Background mode, the recommended mode that avoids any distraction
  • Speeding alert
  • SMS & notification reader (free for a limited time!)
  • Automatic direction of calls to speaker while driving
  • 24/7 protection with Automatic Driving Detection
  • Complete driving log including snapshots of risky events
  • Trusted accessory store – Get the best car mount for your device today.


This unique and innovative app has won the following awards

  •  Best Android Augmented Reality App for 2011
  • CES 2012 Design and Engineering Showcase Award
  •  CTIA Wireless E-Tech Award.


Users can also run this app in demo mode,for that you need to visit Android play and install the application,after that you can test the application by running a video in this URL,screenshot of a demo is shown below


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