WWDC 2011

WWDC 2011

Apple’s WWDC means World Wide Developers Conference held every year by Apple. This year Apple is conducting this mega event at Moscone West on 6th June 2011.

This time WWDC’s focus is on three most talked about and much awaited buzz words i.e. iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud. As always, the web is full of rumors related to all 3 products so I am going to round-up most important of the rumors. Let’s begin by understanding these products –

iOS 5 –

iPhone OS better known as iOS since June 2010 is one of the most advanced mobile operating system proprietary to Apple. This version of OS was first launched for iPhones which was later extended to iPod, iPad and Apple TV. iOS 5 is the latest version of iOS which is going to be previewed at WWDC 2011. There are literally 100s of rumors about what is going to be included and what is expected from iOS 5 which I am going to cover later in this post.

Mac OS X Lion –

The most famous and one of the toughest competitor of Microsoft Windows is Apple’s Macintosh OS which offers some ground breaking features. The next major release of Mac OS  X named Lion will also be previewed at WWDC 2011.

iCloud –

The latest service to be launched by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is apple’s step ahead to make all you music lover happy. To be launched on 6th June at WWDC, it is your new destination for cloud based Music and Videos. Although no further details are yet available on this service, we need to wait for 6th June to check out what we’ll get with this service.

WWDC 2011 featuringRumors Round Up

iOS 5

Most buzzed among the 3 is iOS 5 with various Designers and UI experts giving their own perspective of what iOS 5 must be like..

iOS 5 Notification System

iOS 5 Concept

iOS 5 Widget Done Right

Apart from these videos, Rumors also are that the next iOS will have “Automatic OTA(over the air) updates” just like Android, System wide intensive Twitter and Voice Integration.

Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion is the second product from Apple to be Previewed at WWDC 2011

Demo Video of Mac OS X Lion Developer’s Preview

Rumors are that Mac OS X Lion will be launched on June 14th.


Rumors state that Apple has signed deal with Universal Music Group for $150 Million and it’s subscription would cost $25 per year after free trial has expired. Also a few rumors caught the iCloud login screen in wild….

This is not all, there are a lot of things planned for WWDC 2011 by Apple. Keep watching thegeekdaily.com as I would be bringing all latest and important updates !

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