iOS 5 Notification Center and Lock Screen Info Revisited

It’s not been long since iOS 5 was released and there’s a new version now iOS 5.0.1, which is said to resolve the battery issue and in near time there’s going to be another version of iOS i.e. iOS 5.0.2 which will again address the further battery issues and enhancements to Siri. Well, when we talk about iOS 5 there are a hell lot of things that comes to our mind, but the best one is the revamped Notification system. But do you think you have explored notification center enough? Well probably not and that’s why I am writing this post to make you revisit Notification Center in detail once again, explaining you the granularity of it.

Let’s get started: How Lock Screen Works

Well there are different Lock Screen behaviors in different scenarios.. Let’s consider each one of them

Single Notification, Single Popup

Multiple Notification, Stack-List View

Notification with secondary action will have display extra button

LED flash light indicator or sound/vibration
Slide icon for any notification – just like slide to unlock – to open the app.

Notification Center Settings

So there are several applications available for iOS and all have there Notification Center setting attached with them. In my example to explain you these settings in detail we’ll take Message app.

Not all app settings will have all of these settings, but this is the most generic set of settings you will find. So let’s start understanding each of them:

Badge App Icon will allow you to either have those number badges over an app icon which will tell you the number of messages you have that are unread. You can turn them on as it’s a good idea to know the number of notification awaiting your attention.

Show Preview is an option for people who respect there privacy more then anything else. Generally if this option is ON it will show you the message body on lock screen, this is a good option because you don’t have to go all the way to app to see what’s the message. But it should be OFF in some circumstances.. like if your iPhone is more often in your friend’s or family’s possession you surely won’t like them to read all your messages as they appear on the lock screen.

Repeat Alert an option which is quite useful if you have an important meeting due in half an hour and you want to get alert every two minutes that would make you reach in time. But it could be worst if you set it for your messaging app and you receive say 10 message every day. It’ll keep reminding you to read the message every two minutes for at max 10 times. Horrible isn’t it!

View in Lock Screen if set to ON will as soon as the message arrives, display the notification on the Lock Screen even if it is in sleep mode. If turned OFF it’ll eventually keep things deep down until you awake your phone. An option pretty useful if you don’t want your near once to know what you have just received.

Hope this revisit to Notification center unlocked quite a few mysteries. If they did we are glad we helped you, if they didn’t atleast they might have refreshed your knowledge about Notification Center and Lock Screen.

Do let us know your thoughts on this.

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