Tweet directly from the home screen and write Facebook messages.

With iOS 6 next to a deep integration of Twitter and Facebook is an integral part of the operating system. One can by many apps right “like”, “Share” and “post”. Incoming messages are displayed directly in the notification bar.

Another handy feature is the sharing of messages on Facebook and Twitter, without having to open an app. As with OS X, tweets and Facebook posts are 6 distributed directly from the notification center in iOS. The prerequisite is that you have linked to their social networks with iOS 6th

Panorama Photo Mode Reverse in iOS 6

panoramaApple has finally introduced a panoramic feature that it is possible to shoot panoramic images at full resolution. By default, it leads to the iPhone from left to right, a swing in the other direction is not feasible at first glance. Nevertheless can be reversed with a little trick that direction. You open the camera app, click on Options and select the Panorama function. Now press the down arrow and you can change the direction.Unfortunately, the panorama function only with the iPhone 5 and 4S is available.

Set Your Alarm Tones – Choose Songs From iTunes

Apple had previously limited the choice of alarm tones. iOS 6 this changes, so you can be woken up by music from his library. To select an individual tone, you open the clock and click on the tab “Clock”, then “sound”. There is “entitled” the complete audio library to choose from, there is also the option to buy more songs.

Upload Photos and Videos Directly in the Safari Browser

Another iOS 6-function, which was closed at the new features a little bit of photo and video uploading is directly in the browser. Until iOS 5 users was trying to upload images via the browser only displays an error message with the info that the browser is not supported. Now let images from the photo album upload.

Create Own Signature for Each Mail Account

Since iOS 6 can create for each mail account created its own signature. With this option, you can, for example, finally grab the opportunity and the standard phrase “Sent from my iPhone / iPad” to replace it with something useful.

Emoji keyboard

mediumThis hidden iOS 6-feature might not be for everyone, but whoever loves his texts with emoticons pelt will be happy. Because Apple’s new mobile OS has missed an extra soft keyboard, which consists exclusively of Emojis. To enable this, you öfffnet the settings, click on “General” tab, look for “keyboard” button, then on “keyboards” and choose “Add Keyboard”. In this overview, you will find the keyboard “Emojis”, this selects one and then it is ready for use as an alternative keyboard.

Disable Ad Tracking

One point which we have already devoted an extensive article may here be mentioned.Because Apple iOS 6, a new ad-tracking feature introduced. This can be disabled, however, is hiding something. While such functions well studied in the privacy settings to disable the button in the “General” is. Here is the “About” button, hides behind far down the menu item “advertising.” Only behind it you will find the possibility of the closure of IFA tracking. This is to ensure that “limit ad tracking” the point is activated (!) Is.

Have you discovered other iOS 6 features that are well hidden, but we have not mentioned yet?

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