iOS 6 beta 4 for iPhone, iPod and iPad now available for developers

Hey everyone, your “iFriend” is back again to update all of you with latest Apple World NEWS. So what’s hot in this edition?

As the title says! Yes the much talked about iOS 6 has a new beta version waiting for developers to grasp. The new version of iOS 6 beta 4(10A5376e) is out to paid developers either via in the dev center or via OTA software upgrade.

For those who still haven’t heard about iOS 6 – iOS 6 is the latest iteration of iOS operating system by Apple for it’s handheld devices viz. iDevices. It was introduced on Monday, June 11 and since then we are seeing continuous beta versions weeks after weeks. Though slightly longer duration but Apple seems to be sticking to it’s Monday release model unlike last year’s variable release model. I am quoting this, because this will probably lead to timely release of much awaited iOS 6.

iOS 6 is packed with some of the most awaited, if not all, additions featuring Enhanced Siri, Siri for iPad3, 3D Maps, Deeper FB integration etc.

I know your next question might be: Can we Jailbreak iOS6? I can not judge it from this moment, but as far as I have gained knowledge – It won’t be long before you can :).. Rest assured, we’ll be covering full step by step tutorial on how to Jailbreak iOS 6 once it is out, So stay tuned!!

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