When everybody is on a spree to develop almost all kinds of apps for their users, Apple is walking on a different tread altogether. They have been requesting the developer to stop one of the apps. Apple is still looking in closely to see which app will go on-board and which one is not suitable for them. Due to this very reason, James Thomson, who is the developer of the calculator app PCalc has to pull out the widget functionality, if he wants his iOS app to stay in the Apple Store.

pcalc-appScientific calculator is not that easy to find and if you are looking for one with loads of features in it, then you will have to look hard. But, PCalc has made a new change in iOS 8 where the users would have been able to access the basic calculator with the help of the widget that is there in the notification center even without the launch of the app. It is almost similar to that of calculator widget that comes in-built in the new operating system X Yosemite.

Frustrating for the developer

All the hard work went in vain, because now they have to pull out the widget which was there for the benefit of the users. Though the developer is asked to remove it, but the irony is that it still remains there in the notification center. So, all the users who have been fond of PCalc will have to do without the widget. It is frustrating for all who are in love with this amazing calculator. Though it has loads of features incorporated in it, but it is still quite easy to use. This step is taken against PCalc by the Apple because it is being said by the company that PCalc has violated one of the rules that is set by Apple. It is still available in the App Store and people can enjoy its features quite easily. Everything took an ugly turn because there was some kind of uneasiness between the people who are the curator of the App Store and the people who are responsible for providing permission for the apps or disapproving the entry of the apps in the store. It is not a very good message that Apple is giving out to the developers and its users as well. If they are coming up with some policies that don’t encourage the developers to develop new updates, then it will definitely be a huge setback. Even the users are not sure about what to expect from the company with such a high reputation. Transparency on any given day is expected out of a company and if Apple is not able to live up to the expectation of its users, then it will be a loss for the company. All said and done, the users don’t need to worry so much about the app because even if the company rejects the widgets, the app, PCalc will still be a good app.

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