ipad mini smart cover review

ipad mini smart cover review

The iPad Mini is now available for purchase at Apple Stores in most of the United States. If you have bought it already, you would be thinking of buying some protective accessories for it. Apple knows that and has therefore released a smaller Smart Cover designed specifically for the iPad Mini. In this post, I am going to give you complete iPad mini Smart Cover review.

Let’s get started.

Like the original Smart Cover, it has been made of out of Polyurethane and is available in 6 bright colors – Pink, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Green, Blue and (Product) Red. It is essentially a toned down model of the original Smart Cover.

It connects to iPad Mini with the help of magnets that are enclosed in a fine strip made of Polyurethane. The main cover protects iPad Mini’s screen from dust particles and when you will remove the cover from the device, it will automatically unlock the device for you.

The cover is segmented into 3 pieces that can be folded for you to use your iPad mini in two positions. First up, you can align your iPad mini in an upright position which is great if you’re watching movies. Secondly, you can align your iPad mini in a slightly bent down position which is suitable for typing, although you’re not going to enjoy typing on the iPad mini because of the smaller screen size.

Let’s get to the pros and cons of buying the Smart Cover for iPad Mini.


ipad mini smart cover review

Protects Screen from Dust – It covers every inch of the screen and thus protects the iPad Mini from dust and dirt.

Magnetic Strip is powerful – The magnetic connection between the cover and the iPad mini is strong enough to take iPad mini’s weight. You can hold your iPad mini from the cover and it won’t detach from the cover.

Available in multiple colors – It’s available in six bright colors thus you can customize your iPad mini to give it a new look later on. That also makes it a great gift for your friends and family members who own a iPad mini.

Magnetic On/Off is responsive – The magnetic On/Off feature is very responsive and handy. I don’t really fancy pressing the inclined power button often.

iPad Mini retains its sleekness – Even when the cover is on, it doesn’t add any bulk to the iPad. Hence, iPad Mini still feels sleek in hand.


It’s not perfect – The magnetic connection between the iPad Mini’s screen and the cover isn’t very strong which means that if you carry the device in your backpack, there are chances that the cover will slid off slightly, exposing your iPad Mini to dust and probably some pointed objects.

It’s expensive – It is overpriced. It costs $39.00 and doesn’t even cover the entire iPad. There will be covers from other companies available in the future that would cover the entire iPad and cost a little less than iPad Smart cover.

Polyurethane is the only option – Unlike the original Smart cover, Smart Cover for iPad Mini doesn’t have a leather option. Leather feels nicer than Polyurethane in hand.

It doesn’t enhance grip – Unlike Jelly cases, it doesn’t make iPad mini easier to hold. You don’t get a firm grip while holding the iPad mini with this cover on.

The Final Verdict

If you’re thinking of buying this cover, my suggestion is to wait for just a weeks because you’re going to find a series of new, better covers for iPad mini in the market. In most cases, the price would be lower than $39.00. But if you’re not interested in buying accessories from other companies, buying the Smart Cover is not a very bad decision; it does what it says, though not with great precision.

I hope this iPad mini Smart Cover review helps you in forming a decision whether to buy it or not. If you have any question, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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