iPhone 5 brings Nano SIM?

As we near the Apple’s Media Event in first half of September, we are hearing more speculations then ever for iPhone 5! The latest in the list is “iPhone 5 to feature a nano SIM card slot”.

Detailed images for Nano SIM card tray have been surfaced, according to nowhereelse.fr, Apple is working on a Nano SIM based iPhone model.

Though this is not the first time Apple is introducing new SIM type, but it is interesting that how Apple is governing the rules in Telecom Domain. Apple Introduced Micro SIM with iPhone 4 for the first time and soon it became a popular option. Even the latest Android Phone from Samsung, Galaxy SIII adapted it considering the benefits.


Nano SIM is expected to be almost 40% smaller then Micro SIM giving a lot of room for other mechanics of iPhone 5. This will not only allow iPhone 5 to be slimmer but a more powerful battery can also be installed to power the monster display.



While Apple’s move to reduce the size of SIM further might help save a few MMs in dimension for iPhone 5 but is it really a feasible solution for the end user? In today’s fast changing world, where the technology you buy today is old as soon as “tomorrow”.. Can you afford to have a phone which forces you to further reduce your SIMs size.

My whole point is, you do not change your phone numbers as frequently as you change your mobile device. Now if you have a regular size SIM and you want to buy an iPhone 4/4s, you have to get a Micro SIM for the same number which is quite possible now a days. But if you further want to upgrade to iPhone 5 you will require a Nano SIM, which surely not going to be available in all Markets across the world. Also, if some how you manage to get a Nano SIM for your current mobile number with your current service provider, it is most likely that iPhone 5 will become out of fashion in some days and you want to switch to some other handset. In this situation you again have to get a new regular/micro SIM card.. does all the trouble seems valid? No, if you ask me!
Still let’s wait and watch what this turns out to be and how successful everything will be once iPhone 5 is released. Fingers crossed for Apple!

Let us know what you think of this move by Apple [If it is a reality]?

One thought on “iPhone 5 brings Nano SIM?

  • September 17, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    So finally it was revealed on the 12th Sep that the iPhone 5 does come with the nano sim.

    First Micro-SIM and now nano.. Apple really rules the tech world – all the Telecom carriers are again coming out with this new variant of this new SIM 😉


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