iPhone 5 – Everything You Need to Know

A few days ago Apple finally lifted the curtain on the iPhone 5 and made the device official – unveiling it during their media event held in San Francisco on September 12th. Unfortunately there was nothing particularly surprising about the new iPhone 5, thanks to all of the leaked pictures, specifications, accessories and information; we actually knew more-or-less everything about the iPhone 5 before Apple announced it! I think that is quite disappointing, and I was hoping there would be at least a couple of big features or spec improvements which Apple would of managed to keep quiet until the unveiling – but, nope. They didn’t, and as a result, the iPhone 5 is pretty much just what we expected it to be.

Let’s take a look at the changes and new features in the iPhone 5:

Taller, Slimmer and New Design

The iPhone 5 brings us some changes which Apple have steered clear of before; this year we have a taller, slimmer device with a few changes to the design. Apple have made the iPhone 5 18% slimmer than its predecessor, and a fraction taller (making the screen slightly bigger at 4-Inches).

The iPhone 5 device itself utilises a uni-body case which looks very impressive. It gives a professional and sleek look to the device, and offers far superior materials to the Galaxy S3 plastic shell type design.

As you can see from the picture, the iPhone 5 also brings us a very nice change to the back-plate of the device, utilising a two-tone effect; no longer just a standard black or white glossy background, it’s now a metallic type of material which looks much better than the 4S back-plate in my opinion.

4-INCH, 16:9, Improved Retina Screen

As one would expect with a new iPhone, Apple have made some improvements to the screen. Now, they haven’t made the screen a HD one yet, but it is still a retina screen with more pixels per inch than the S3 screen.

Apple claim that the iPhone 5 screen provides 44% more colour saturation than the iPhone 4S screen. It’s slightly bigger than the 4S screen too, at 4-Inches, and it’s much closer to a 16:9 style aspect ratio. The screen technology itself has also been updated, the new screen integrates the touch sensors with the glass panel, making it the most accurate touch device yet.

A6 Processor and New Battery

Apple have introduced the new A6 processor with the iPhone 5, the upgrade from the A5 processor which was used in the iPhone 4S. Apple have claimed that the A6 processor provides twice the processing and graphics power as the A5 chip, while reducing the physical size of the processor. A great job there!

We haven’t heard much of the hard numbers statistics yet for the A6 processor, but I’m sure in the next few days when people start getting hold of their iPhone 5 devices we will see lots of benchmark testing going on and the full specifications will be made available.

4G LTE Networking

You more than likely have already heard something about the super-fast mobile broadband service which is coming with the iPhone 5 – 4G LTE Networking. It’s going to be available this year on a number of network service providers throughout the US and Europe.

Not all network service providers are in a position to offer 4G services yet, or even in the near future. So for those companies it’s going to be tricky to try and compete for sales of the iPhone 5 with other networks who can offer their customers the 4G speeds, like T Mobile – who are offering unlimited data plans in the US to try and persuade people to join their network with the iPhone 5 so they can make use of the 4G speeds.

Apple have said that they are working hard with service providers around the World to ensure that everyone has at least one 4G service provider option available to them.

Plus More

There is more to the iPhone 5 than this, we have iOS 6 being released tomorrow too (Wednesday September 19th), iOS 6 itself looks like an awesome update which should run very well on the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 also brings us some long-awaited, updated headphones called EarPods. They are basically ear buds and are replacing the old headphones which Apple have used for years. I am looking forward to seeing these and hope that they are better quality than the old iPhone headphones. They look like a much better and more secure fit, hopefully they’re on par with the beats in ear buds!


To conclude, the iPhone 5 looks like an awesome device, bringing us quite a few updates in terms of design and specification when compared to the iPhone 4S. Initial benchmarks show the iPhone 5 performing at double the results of the iPhone 4S. So it is very impressive indeed. What with iOS 6 and the improvements that brings, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

What do you think of the iPhone 5? Will you buying one? Do you prefer Android these days? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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