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iphone 5Dear Apple fan boys, the new iPhone 5 is here. The device is ready to ship, but if you weren’t generous enough to pre-order, you will have to wait for another 2 weeks or so to get one (part of Apple’s “hype” strategy perhaps). With that said, if you’re not an Apple fan boy and are considering buying a Smartphone, sometimes in next few months, then this article will tell why you should pick up iPhone 5 and not some Android phone by Samsung.

Sorry HTC and Sony, we’re comparing the leaders here and you guys are definitely a little blurred in the picture.

#1 it’s an iPhone

Truth be told, we’re living in a society that’s attracted towards glamour and iPhone is a term synonym to that. Apple’s previous flagship – the iPhone 4S came in two colors – black and white, and had this great looking (and fragile) glass back. This time, with iPhone 5, Apple has taken care of its fragility by making its back with buffed aluminum. iPhone 5 is a lot thinner than most Android phones available in the market and yes, its build quality is much superior than, let’s say, Galaxy S3 – Samsung’s current flagship Android.

iPhone 5’s design and build speaks for its premium-ness and that’s why it stands out.

#2 it’s got iOS (with high quality apps)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a college student or a business executive, iPhone is for you. Apple’s iOS has a relatively shorter learning curve, when you’re exposed to this new OS, you will find it beautiful, crisp and easy to understand. Other than that, the device is completely customizable. Whether you want to play Max Payne on your device, or manage your stocks, your iPhone will work the way you want it to. Android has almost all the good apps that are available for iOS, like, Whatsapp, Skype, YouTube, Viber, TED, and Kindle, but apps aren’t everything, it’s the secure experience that matters. Trend Micro ranked iOS to be the second best most secure mobile operating system (BlackBerry OS stood first).

#3 it’s loaded with (useful) features

It may not have a quad-core processor or 2 GB of RAM, but it can handle 100% of the apps designed for the iPhone. It’s not as powerful, in terms of hardware, than a Galaxy Note II, because it is a phone, it’s not some hybrid between a tablet and phone, and with extra-ordinary creative tools (as if a professional creator wouldn’t have his own workshop). For casual photography, it’s got a great camera with improved lens; also, it can take okay-quality videos at 1080p Full HD resolution.

#4 you can forget about using a battery saver

apple iphone 5

iOS is an intelligent operating system, it adjusts your phone’s brightness and kills running apps (when not in use) to save battery juice. The internet is filled with tools to save battery life on Android devices but there’s not much articles written for iOS, because isn’t a need for same. Apple upgrades battery of each iPhone to deliver at least 8-9 hours of battery life and that’s awesome because I like playing games while I am on the go and with iPhone, you won’t have to worry about battery drain.

#5 it doesn’t break easily

With a Rs. 45,500 phone in your pocket, you’re obviously not going to jump into the swimming pool. Yes, you would have to be a little cautious while handling this device, but it’s going to withstand years of wear and tear and still work well.


I know that Apple will release iPhone 6, possibly next year, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away your iPhone 5 and get iPhone 6, the same applies for iPhone 4S, but that’s a different issue. If you’re deciding to a buy premium phone in near future, then undoubtedly, iPhone 5 should be brimming at the top of the list.

People are getting adjusted to large screen sizes (>5 inches), but I am not really in favor of that. I like to use my phone with one hand and since iPhone 5 has minimal bezel on the sides, it’s easier to use it will one hand. Phones like Galaxy S III, though they have a great a screen, but are almost impossible to use with one hand, unless you’re LeBron James.

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