Apple presented the iPhone 5 under broad media interest of the public some days before. The new version of the smartphone offers a large display for the first time and has been improved in almost all areas of hardware. So Apple is happy being the new big hit so successful? Probably not. Instead, Apple developed the iPhone and more consistently relies on evolution rather than revolution.

Already last year, the launch of the iPhone 4S has already been longed for, pushed up by the media – and then it was just an improved iPhone 4 . Now the device has in its newest version so the number 5 – and still do a lot of disappointment . Yes, Apple has not reinvented the iPhone: It’s still a flat device, use this time a little longer, with a slightly larger display, and you can make calls and several apps to hangout with. And yes, it’s not as revolutionary as it was the iPhone Classic in 2007. Quite honestly, disappointment and iPhone 5 is a combination of words that can not hear me – why?


iPhone 5 disappointed? But why?

I must confess: I was also a little bored of the keynote. But that is mainly because basically all specs were already known in advance. Whether it’s because the giant production machine that is behind the iPhone production, simply can not be controlled 100 percent, or if Apple does not deliberately pursue this leak strategy to build not to have high expectations of the new product is, times to be seen. It might have been a much bigger bang when the larger screen would have been known only to the keynote – or that the iPhone 5 is lighter by almost a quarter as the iPhone 4S.

But note: We are a small group of tech enthusiasts and early adopters who want to quickly usually have the new hot stuff, which can endlessly debate about the merits of iOS or Android, and for the use of a platform is a religion. We completely ignore the mass market. For the mere mortals among us, there is still the iPhone, which is a status symbol, that’s cool – that will have the kids can operate the older people and that not very technology-savvy people for enthusiasm makes. Apple has probably created with the iPhone one of the most spectacular brands in recent decades – and the lasting effect on the market. One has to look at itself only once, creating a media frenzy for the presentation of a new iPhone. Often reporting on lands at No. 1 General interest sites like Spiegel Online or time online. This creates especially in Germany otherwise no other smartphone manufacturers.

And most people cares as the famous “damn”, which now has a smartphone specs exactly , and that the processor is slower than that of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, or Nokia Lumia 920th It’s the new iPhone – and that fact alone is sufficient as a selling point for many. So we can be happy to debate the pros and cons of the iPhone, but please, we do not deny it the “market normality”. Against this background, the pros and cons get a new valuation basis.

Good Compromise, Sensible Development

The four-inch Retina display is in my opinion the best compromise that Apple was able to close out of the general auszumachenden customers request for a bigger screen and a still handy device. No one wants a computer in his hand or pocket – and be what a Galaxy Note 2 should for now please? A tablet or a smartphone? The width of the unit maintained in mild extension I consider to be an optimal solution. Also minimize the weight by nearly a quarter compared with the iPhone 4S is truly remarkable and will make a very noticeable in daily use. The weight I think the way for a very important reason to buy a lot of people. Not infrequently one meets customers in mobile stores that based on a batching two smartphones make a purchase decision – these are the realities, of which I spoke earlier.

The iPhone 5 is also thinner than its predecessor and, through the use of other housing materials or quality than the iPhone 4 and 4S. Then there is the lack of NFC chip – a fact that at least in Germany do not really hurts. The not yet widespread availability of LTE also provides for discussions – but here are more mobile providers required. Finally, the battery that needs to do more and will still last longer than that of the iPhone 4S – is in practice likely to remain that the juice will not last much longer than a day. The battery is a hardware area that needs to be improved in the future necessarily. It prepares hardly anyone pleasure, always having to recharge your phone. The problem is that the devices are becoming more powerful, using more and more energy. This respect is likely to remain in a difficult future development field. Yet here there is an extreme improvement.

Outdated iOS 6? Unfortunately Nothing New to Springboard

startscreen-windows-8In terms of hardware, you can hardly complain about in my opinion. As for software, there are already a lot more to complain about. iOS still feels for iOS 1, then still on iPhone OS. Clearly, the operating system considerably more functions than even five years ago, but the user experience is a central point remains the same: still is the springboard, so the home screen with the app index, remained unchanged. It is still impossible to put together a personalized home screen with widgets, for example, view the current information. Windows Phone, especially in version 8, in this respect is simply much more. The home screen can be tailored to your own needs, users can move or adjust tiles, or hide. Why Apple has enlarged display of the iPhone 5 is not leveraged to present a new Springboard? This could then have his iPhone-5-exclusive, a special USP for nerds and geeks. That would have forced themselves into my eyes almost. Unfortunately, there remains only to hope for iOS 7th

In a way- “Only Apple can do this”

So what to make of the iPhone 5? Maybe it makes the marketing slogan, the end is every Apple keynote, the best of all. “Only Apple can do this” because no other company has in recent years proved so impressive that it does not so much matter especially to be innovative or with the greatest hardware specs extroverted must, but rather the fact that it comes to build quality and easy to use products – and this the right time to bring out.Why start a revolution, if this strategy has made Apple the most valuable company in the world?


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  • October 29, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    awesome article man..!! well explained about the disappointment reasons of iPhone 5. Expecting the same articles about iPhone in near future too. thank you


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