iPhone 5’s New Inside Look: What Chinese Coupon Site Saw of it

What everyone is on the look for is the upcoming iPhone 5. Everywhere and there, there’s been one talk or the other about how the iPhone 5 will look. Recently, we confirmed that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen and wider features than the previous versions. Many of the news covering this have now proven to be true and most of them, like what you’ll be seeing below are accomplished with leaked images of the iPhone 5.

Virtually all big tech sites have said one thing or the other about the coming iPhone 5 and there are still more news to be covered on it. The most recent is from a Chinese coupon site, Weibo, that has seen the inner features of the iPhone 5 and, believe me, what is in the picture is incredible!

According to the Chinese website, the iPhone 5 has an A5 processor, just the same CPU as the iPad 2!

  • The iPhone 5’s processor is sort of a better option for the iPhone 5 as I can see and there are other incredible features the mobile phone has. If I’m asked what part of me would relish the iPhone 5 most, I think I will enjoy the benefit of being able to update my weight watchers discount and diet to go blog on the go. You can bet it that the iPhone 5 is going to be high tech and super fast than the previous versions.
  • Another cool feature of the iPhone 5 is a bigger and stronger ion battery. The battery is a sort of 4.2v, 1430 mAh compared to 3.7v , 1420 mAh.
  • The LCD back panel, as described, appears to be going from edge to edge, you can notice that from the blue part that is slightly displayed in the picture.

There have been enough news about the way the iPhone 5 will look and most of them are definitely backed up with images like this one. What we don’t know yet is if the iPhone 5 will truly come out to be what they are saying it would be.

If we are also to judge on the image provided, what would you say about it? Some of the components of the phone are missing, like the antenna is not present, the body that is to pack it up from falling apart is not also in the image.

What do you think about it, please let us know?

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